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  1. Myla at | | Reply

    I like how she can shine on the red carpet at Canne then dress like a everyday Mom in leggings….WAIT! boobs?!

  2. shreya at | | Reply

    liked it at the first glance, saw it closely and yuck whats with the terrible cleavage show. just-for-the-heck-of-it look, must say. if ms rai did not do the useless skin show, it would have been a winner for me

    1. Puneeta at | | Reply

      Do you always talk like this about women and their bodies? She is walking to an airport with her child in tow and a hundred cameras pointed at her. Give her a break.


      1. Shreya at | | Reply

        I wish women respect their bodies and not attract attention to body parts that make them look terrible. If she doesn’t mind wearing it, I don’t mind commenting on what I think ……

  3. Praneeta at | | Reply

    Oolaalaa… The twins had an outing!
    She is looking smashing.

  4. neha at | | Reply

    Ash looks great and has lost oodles of weight …….this is a great airport look …so relaxed and comfy……unlike some others who seem too contrived and weighing under labels……

  5. Amit at | | Reply

    Mama Mia!!! What a spectacular show. She rocked it.

  6. Prep-y at | | Reply

    She reminds me of Katie Holmes w Suri.. love the tote

  7. Div at | | Reply

    That cleavage show…..just tackatastic!

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    2. Ahot at | | Reply

      OMG! What a pearl-clutching moment! Maybe it would be better if she was younger & not married & not a mom. I mean her life is over & @ her age she isn´t supposed to be sensuous & sexy anymore… .

      1. Sej at | | Reply

        Or maybe it looks bad regardless of all that. Couldn’t careless what phase of life she or anyone was in-this looks tacky to me. People are allowed to think that without automatic assumptions it’s directly correlated to age or body size or anything.

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  8. Neha at | | Reply

    Can’t get enough of this bag.

  9. sera at | | Reply

    Aradhana and the twins heas back to India…quite a show Ash.. I mean on the red carpet

  10. sree at | | Reply

    I like it all but the cleavage show. A tad bit much for the airport..

  11. -nids at | | Reply

    her loafers are Cole Haan.

    1. Priyanka at | | Reply

      They are Tod’s. :)

  12. hasina at | | Reply

    ripped at your comment lol
    guess Jaya will be waiting with a rolling pin @ Prateeksha

  13. Jiminywiminy at | | Reply

    I don’t see the problem with the boob show. She’s a woman for f’s sake. She’s got 2 of those. get over it! All the cleavage nazis probably don’t know where to look when confronted with it, thats why the catty comments. haha

    1. Sara at | | Reply


    2. S at | | Reply

      +100000 why do people hate on cleavage? Like why I just don’t get it, if you have some, show it off! What are we supposed to do pretend we don’t have boobs? Wear high necked shirts our whole lives? It’s honestly insane that Aishwarya’s cleavage in a regular top will become a matter of international debate but other actresses can basically go naked and no one flinches.

  14. Nav at | | Reply

    LOL at the aunties crying about cleavage. Women don’t believe is women wearing whatever they want? Or are these Indian men commenting?
    She looks comfortable! Loove the bag!

  15. Éclat at | | Reply

    Every time there’s a little bit of cleavage on display, the hypocrisy and prudery of the commentary always takes my breath away. Grow up, ladies… You do your own sex a disservice by such remarks.
    And coming to Aishwarya, oh god, she shames me into running to the gym… I’m the same age as her, with a child her age, and look at her!! ( said while in my PJs, looking like the dog’s dinner! :p)

    1. Éclat at | | Reply

      *with a child Aradhya’s age, not her age LOL.

      1. Sam at | | Reply

        Speaking of doing our own sex a disservice… give yourself a break. AR’s whole life is her appearance. She has a barrage of people at her service to make her look good. I’m sure you look great, Eclat!

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    4. dee at | | Reply

      For every one woman like you, there is one like me, I have an 11 & a 4 year old and I am in much better shape than her. But why is that even relevant here? If you really think about it, your comparitive self derogatary comments are no better than the other ones dissing her. And how is her fitness level and full length cleavage, seen here, even linked to each other? Let’s just put an end to discussing women’s fitness levels on a fashion blog.

      no one talks about visible cleavages ( i cringe at even calling it a show) in Cannes gowns or other high profile or statement appearances. Why people rattle off their disapproval on looks like this is simply because it looks unnecessary here. while the rest of her is shrouded in black and comfy clothing, that full visibility looks jarring. That’s all there is to it.

      Cleavage nazis? lol!! That’s one more kalik pota pothi on the third reich! Just wondering ..are there any buttcrack nazis out there?

    5. Divya at | | Reply

      Its not about the boob show. Infact the same were on display at the Cannes red carpet too, and I loved her in it all. Its just about showing them the right way, at the right place and for the right occasion. Else then no difference between a Kim Kardashian and a Katie Holmes. She would have looked way more classier without this deep cleavage display, given the situation is all I mean.

      1. sree at | | Reply

        You summed up what I wanted to say perfectly Divya!

      2. GG at | | Reply

        Dee and Divya great response. I loved aishwarya on the red carpet but this is just not required.

      3. arpitha at | | Reply

        Agree with u completely. She has done more boob show than this on the red carpet but it was appropriate for the event & dress. But it doesn’t suit this simple black dress at airport looks tacky.

        1. S at | | Reply

          Boobs are boobs, whether it’s on a red carpet, in a swimsuit at the beach, or on the street. I see no reason for women to pretend like they don’t have boobs and to have to cover up, why are we not allowed to embrace our sexiness? Why are we only “allowed” to be sexy when we’re “on display” why can’t we be sexy whenever we want? Why do you women hate on others? Why, why, why. So many questions.

  16. Slc at | | Reply

    Toddler in tow, trying to avoid the media is not easy….so I am sure the boob show is not intentional. Otherwise she looks pretty cute and comfortable. Love her bag.

    1. dee at | | Reply

      agree about this being probably unintentional

  17. Ahot at | | Reply

    Ageism & sexism @ it best. Just because she is married or 40 or a mom doesn’t mean that she has to be dowdy and erase her sexuality. Idk why people feel so threatened by a woman´s sexuality, they try to dictate what she can & cannot wear.
    She looks gorgeous & shouldn´t have to placate the conservative minds who have taken upon themselves to be the gatekeepers of bharatiya sanskriti, whether the rest like it or not. There is a difference between sexy & tacky, Aish is definitely the first. This should be celebrated & not shamed. As a woman I applaud her for being confident enough to rock this look.

    1. Jiminywiminy at | | Reply


  18. arpitha at | | Reply

    Too much boob show.

  19. sone at | | Reply

    liked on the wirst loog…but ugghhh whats wid d tasteless cleavage show!!

  20. Sandy at | | Reply

    Looks cute and comfy.

  21. Ena at | | Reply

    It looks like a comfy airport look.
    And about the boobs, your point is? Shes a woman, she has boobs, she wore a low neckline. Get over it!
    Wonder if such a ruckus would have been made had she not been an Indian?

  22. chicmom at | | Reply

    Oh please give her a break !! I carry my toddler around and sometimes don’t even realize that I am showing of some cleavage… I am sure its unintentional

    1. saima at | | Reply

      True story..I totally agree..seems purely unintentional..

    2. ashkaa at | | Reply

      oh please. That top/ dress is low cut, whether toddler or not.

      1. arpitha at | | Reply

        Unintentional ??
        If she was carrying a toddler in arms or bending over it might have been unintentional (& she never gave us any boob show when she was doing those), but it is clearly a low neck dress. Nothing unintentional about it.

  23. monika at | | Reply

    There is a place for everything…& this cleavage baring does not work in an airport.

  24. ashkaa at | | Reply

    Boobs for the plane? why o why? why not show them off at the beach while in Cannes, or on the red carpet more? She is schizophrenic ; boobs at airport abroad and camouflage tents in India. like the new direction but boooooobs are weird for a plane ride.

  25. Sara at | | Reply

    Ugh, give the woman a break. She looked great at Cannes and she looks alright here. It’s an airport look and she looks comfortably dressed. With deep necks, posture and angle of photos can make a big difference and that’s all there’s to this.

  26. S at | | Reply

    I wish she just walked around in a string bikini top all day just because she can.

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