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    Even though I think these outfits are a tad too ‘blingy’ but I still enjoy the Indian culture of vibrant color and pizazz rather than western idea of ‘black-all-the-time-if-not-sure-or-some-other-monochrome’
    outfit. And these people are here for a vibrant dance program and not a funeral. So color is fine. Katrina has dressed not according to the occasion while the others have. One has to consider the event too while judging the fashion.


  2. Payal at | | Reply

    you are right. Indian culture is different in that we have such a colorful vibe..

    About the event, I know it’s a dance program, which is why I didn’t pick on prachi and the other contestants. It’s urmila’s choker and Sonali’s “everything” that is just too blingy! ;)

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