In Zara


Wearing Zara separates, Tisca attended a recent book launch. With her hair in a half-bun, she finished out the look with an orange-coral lip and blush Jimmy Choos. The lip color didn’t quite work on Tisca. As predictable as it may seem, the nautical look would’ve benefitted with a red lip. Or at the very least, a neutral glossy lip color. And as nice as they were, the heels, more specifically their color didn’t quite work with the outfit either.

What points Ms. Chopra earned for trying something new, she lost over the finishing touches.

Tisca Chopra In Zara At Maria Goretti’s Book Launch

Tisca Chopra At Maria Goretti’s Book Launch

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. Such a refreshing outfit. Nothing wrong with either the lip color or the footwear. She looks 25. But still she doesn’t look dressed inappropriate for her age. I’d wear in a heartbeat.

  2. I actually like the coral lip. A red lip is indeed very predictable. The coral lip and the white pants give off a very spring-y, casual daytime (read even appropriate) look.

  3. I completely disagree with you, apart from the shoes which don’t work with the outfit. On the whole, Tisca looks fresh and radiant and the lipstick makes her look several years younger.

  4. omg the hair looks terrible on her. Very try hard. the coral lip adds to that effect. actually the outfit is nothing great to begin with either.

  5. The lipstick would have looked nice had it not been for the hair . It’s a such a badly tied bun. It doesn’t suit her face or age . Entire elegance of the outfit is lost , and hence the finishing touches seem so off .

  6. There’s nothing wrong with the look. Just that we are not use to seeing Tisca dawn such avatar. Refreshing change, and suits her a lot. She looks a lot younger than her age.


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