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  1. Swati at | | Reply

    Always So Stylish.. Great look..

  2. simsim at | | Reply

    Shiny makeup, see-through blouse, and horribly ill-fitting pants, nearing WTHey territory

  3. Raunak at | | Reply

    There is nothing not to like about it.. DECENT & STYLISH

  4. Adara at | | Reply

    She should not be wearing those pants. It is not for her body type. Plus it seems like she does not know much about what inner wears to choose for what type of clothes. Sad.

  5. Bern at | | Reply

    How beautiful!

  6. Bern at | | Reply

    ID those pants fast please P&P…

  7. neha at | | Reply

    Those pants need some ironing

  8. Crystal at | | Reply

    Classic. Chic….would copy this look in a heart beat.

  9. Cyn at | | Reply

    What is that lipstick color?

  10. Figured Out at | | Reply

    How beautiful is this woman! I was at the event and could’t look away.. the photographs don’t do justice in this case. And what a great personality, she totally rocked the look. Also is that not a midi ring? Can anyone ID, have been looking for one..

  11. Manoj at | | Reply

    Tisca is always in style and white and black is going well on her. Nice look.

  12. adya at | | Reply

    looks like she is wearing bloomers :)

  13. Amodini at | | Reply

    Those pants are awful, and they give her a tummy! Don’t like the outfit as a whole either.

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