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    Perfection! Tisca looks radiant.

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    She looks so amazing! It’s a time less look that she carries off perfectly! Along with Mini Mathur and Maria Goretti, she’s my fav b’wood celeb in a saree.

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    Very Auntyji. Nothing striking or elevating about this look.

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      Maybe because she is an aunty? Jesus Christ.

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    She looks lovely. One of her better looks, IMO.

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    So simple so lovely. Its almost refreshing to see “oridinary” on celebs.

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    I love how this woman can rock just about anything :”)
    She has such an aura about her that makes her so stunning.

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    women are truly their own worst enemies..when they to dress up in anything that looks remotely similar to what someone younger might wear, they are called ‘mutton dressed as a lamb’, ‘too twee’ etc. When they dress their age (or whatever that phrase is supposed to mean) they are branded ‘auntyji’. When will we ever accept people for who they are and just let them be. Criticise the clothes based on how they flatter the body, not based on their age.

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      + 1000000!

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      Thank you for saying this. I really hate this narrow minded approach to fashion.

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        Totally agree with you on this.

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      Absolutely agree with you on this!

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      Oh here we go with the Tisca fan brigade/PR. This saree is completely pedestrian and bland and the way she’s draped it is “auntyji”, old-school, frumpy. I could care less what her age is and could point you to several older actresses who carry a saree off with complete ease and elegance without looking dowdy ..refer to Rekha,Sharmila Tagore,Sridevi and Tisca herself on other occasions. This is a fashion blog open to reader comments and perceptions so the notion of having people/celebrities accepted for who they is a bit misplaced.

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    I want that saree so bad… She kooks awesome!

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    Gorgeous! Love the sari.

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    She looks lovely (the colours are gorgeous on her) but the earrings look out of place IMO. The drape too looks a little shabby.

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    She looks really lovely..

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    How absolutely refreshing and lovely she looks. To the reader who called this an “auntyji” look, *facepalm*.

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    Elegant as alwaz!

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    She looks gorgeous and that classic color combination is part of it. I think the earrings are supposed to modernize the look but they are the wrong shape or something.

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    Tisca just SHINES! It’s like she’s drinking some happiness elixir. I know this is a fashion site, but she’s a classic example of how people ADD personality to clothes.

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    OMG, she looks sooo beauteous

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    Beautiful! She looks amazing!

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