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  1. annie at | | Reply

    Tisca looks beautiful in the salwar kameez. The purse needs to go but I love everything else.

    1. beans at | | Reply

      very true!

  2. kaya at | | Reply

    Hm, I’m liking what’s on the runway… especially the third image. Good stuff.

  3. ngm82 at | | Reply

    i love the outfit! the fit is amazing on her! i would love to have this one for one of the cards party during diwali : ) but how r we not commenting on the bag?! :P

  4. Enne at | | Reply

    I’d like her outfit is she’d worn her chunni a bit more nicely, not ‘phaansi’ style. nice variation of the white salwar kameez…

  5. chub at | | Reply

    omg i love the salwar kameez!! beautiful!

  6. bagcrazy at | | Reply

    what is this type of salwar called?

  7. ss at | | Reply

    no for her the chunni suited fine, if she had worn the vest, it would have made it look like some politicians costume, it works for the model with the svelte figure not for mere mortals like us.

    1. girlie at | | Reply

      I agree completely.
      I love her footwear.

  8. Sonal at | | Reply

    Her salwar is very different…what do we call it?Is it the dhoti salwar which was in some 15 years ago?
    I like her with Dupatta.

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