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  1. Anupma Gupta at | | Reply

    I like! Tisca looks so cute here

  2. Koka at | | Reply

    Tisca sure looks like she is having fun time…love the color of the sari.

  3. Aryan at | | Reply

    Fun and fresh! And so appropriate for the event

  4. Meghna at | | Reply

    Not live – love ??typo

  5. Keith at | | Reply

    Zingy and fun, love this woman’s style!

  6. Alisha at | | Reply

    Tisca seems to have a thing for checked saris .. didn’t she do one recently? Not that it’s a grouse, she pulls it off

  7. Cristal at | | Reply

    I am a caucasian European; I know nothing about sarees and so, unlike so many of you guys, can’t judge the appropriateness od the colour, style etc.; I form my opinion purely on the visual appeal minus cultural connotations. And I’m delighted to say, that one is a hit! An appearance like that makes me envy Indian women, who can sport this versatile garment. And I must say it’s a pleasure to see when someone does it the way Tisca did here. Perfect styling, looks so effortless and confident. Love this one!

  8. Tanya Mehta at | | Reply

    She is always so stunningly dressed. Love the sari, the neckpiece and the hairstyle she has chosen to make this look edgy.

  9. Chopsuey at | | Reply

    What a smile, especially in pics two and four.. Tisca has confidence to carry most outfits but she rocks the sari!

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