1. the pink of her dress, reminds me of village women from Rajasthan who do such acidic shades of pink n green much better thn her n not to forget those age old big pink ribbons tht rural belles tie!

  2. i also wonder, y ppl r giving up on real jewelry, it looks so sophesticated …..spcly with stars as big as these, it’s nt even difficult to afford……

  3. well jus hrd she bagged sm movie opp Rajnikant so thot she must b sth……n well for simple jeweld pcs u need nt b even rich!

  4. @jen: she did look gorgeous in the songs from the same movie (of rajnikant)..i think it was manish malhotra who did the costumes!

  5. Sharin,
    She is also starring in Mission Istanbul opposite Zayed Khan that is gonna release in two weeks…
    In case you can’t make the connection.. just click on the Shriya Saran tag below the post to see more of her…

  6. God.. !! and i thought this girl was described as etheral looking by one of the critics for her role in that Emran Hashmi starrer!

  7. seriously..she has striking features..and yet doesn’t know how to enhance her look…mayb the thinking is…the brighter color i wear, the more noticeable i am…and here is someone who we would prefer to see in subdued pastels, blues, beiges…she needs to get in touch with Ash and Mahima…:P


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