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  1. jen at | | Reply

    my gosh she luks so aged, may b i am seeing her after ages myslf, but she is luking nice……ditto! abt the stole tho!

  2. pdaervo at | | Reply

    I think both dresses are great, and I LOVE the blue with the yellow.

    But yeah, Loius = -____-

  3. saya at | | Reply

    this ramya has lost quite a bit of weight.like her look, no over accessorizing!

  4. jen at | | Reply

    heavyset women shud stay awy for big n chunky accessories

  5. Flower Power at | | Reply

    Ramya I think is an actress, but who’s Ramya Krishna?

  6. Surbhi at | | Reply

    love the light yellow with the electric blue!

  7. Flower Power at | | Reply

    Thanks, Priyanka. Have seen Khalnayak and Parampara, but can’t place her at all!

  8. Flower Power at | | Reply

    Oh hang on — was she also in a movie called Chahat? With Pooja Bhatt and possibly SRK? Some psychotic kind of role?

  9. Flower Power at | | Reply

    ah, cool! was seriously doubting my bollywood IQ!

  10. shona at | | Reply

    ramya in second picture looks good. love the colours.

  11. sunshine at | | Reply

    Ramya in first pic- Wow what a dress…..what a fit…..what a color….so thoughtful and so creative….I would not have been able to put such an ensemble together ever!!!
    Ramya in second pic- Wow what arms!! Wow what face!!

  12. neha at | | Reply

    sersily…how elegantly n subtely the first raimya is..i love the fall of the dress…yeh like the secodn ramya n her dress too..thou nt sure of the sandles…but who the 2 ramya..?she cute..n also kept the makeup minimum..nicey nice..

  13. neha at | | Reply

    dressed…the word to b put after the “first ramya is”..heehh

  14. HHC Lover(Niharika) at | | Reply

    Cleavage in d 2nd pic isn’t a feast 2 d eyes at all!!!
    Dress in d 1st pics is OK but d purse…..worse than d one in 2nd pic!

  15. jazz at | | Reply

    ^ i think its the hair that’s gotten on to the cleavage n is emphasizing it lol… thats why its lookin a little vulgar… By the way the second chick works in TV series on Star plus… “kayamat” Ekta Kapoor serial. :/

  16. Abu at | | Reply

    Ramya krishna is awesome at her age. She looks overweight

  17. Blooooo at | | Reply

    No.. she is not the one that works in Kayamat.. The second Ramya is actually a very successful Kannada actress.

  18. Lisa at | | Reply

    @Ramya (2nd Pic)-Blah.

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