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  1. kasthuri at | | Reply

    if only one person can be photographed in each dress, then how will the designer make money…

  2. SULPHUR at | | Reply

    Hofit has the best accessories n stuff, but her hair ruins it for her.
    Next best would be Tiffany, and her hair color really goes on well with the dress , n probably why most of ’em liked it on Tiffany !

  3. Fashionspotter at | | Reply

    Hofit wore it best by far…..

  4. majed at | | Reply

    Fergie looks great and hofit looks Amazing
    i think both of them win, but Tiffany doesnt suit dress

  5. Stephanie D at | | Reply

    i Like this dress on Hofit and fegie but if made to choose then i would say i like it best on HOFIT. Her soft blond locks contrast the blue of the dress well and those shoes she is wearing are to die for.

  6. sophieann B at | | Reply

    i love Hofit in this dress. The hair is soft and romantic and the shoes to die for.
    Fergie is super sexy too. not loving it on Tiffany

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