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    This was interminable to read.

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    Interesting read. Actually good to see some opinions expressed, rather than “ABC wore XYZ, what do y’all think”, which is mainly what happens on this blog nowadays…

  4. Harry at | | Reply

    I really feel sorry for the models in India! They are the ones who put in all the hard work but film stars are made the showstoppers. Atleast globally things are different. A model is a model and is respected for it.

  5. kamar jahan at | | Reply

    nice read

    exactly my thoughts when i saw kareena ramp photos

  6. zoyi at | | Reply

    Preity Zinta looks beautiful! This is exactly how to rock a saree – beautifully draped without becoming clownish – I simply couldn’t see anyone else!

  7. pg at | | Reply

    Aditi Rao Hyder looks like she is going to cry. hahah! :o

  8. apeksha at | | Reply

    could not look at anyone other than preity zinta.. she looks so graceful and lovely

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    Anushka Manchanda, vaani, preity & all the AM.IT models – bomb as F.

    Thanks for this detailed, opinionated, fun read :)

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    At almost all events, Disha is seen in pant/trousers. This is getting boring. Hope she learns from Kristen Stewart, Bella Thorne, etc.

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