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    What is this pseudo spiritual mumbo jumbo from a brand that celebrates consumerism?!

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    exactly! If I were the chairman of the company, I’d have shown the real hardwork of people behind the making of this super expensive bag. what goes on behind the scenes to come out with such perfect craftsmanship, THAT would’ve been more attractive.

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    At least they are moving away from using already-hyped, multimillionaire celebrities. But yeah it is ironic that they are celebrating self-discovery all the while tieing oneself to material possessions such as a LV bag.

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    some of the shots in the ad were impressive but overall treatment im not so impressed by tht…

    itz one thing to have all those words…which hav nothin to do wid LV..or with journey…but if it were done differently to relate witht the consumers thn probably…but this was jus plain borin…not happenin!!!

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