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  1. Ritu at | | Reply

    Where do you even go to buy this bizarre metallic dress and matching bag?

  2. sana at | | Reply

    Dia has a nice body finally so the dresses are finally working on here
    whereas the other girl has the eww factor and a bad body and thus the dress looks awful

  3. Belle at | | Reply

    aaaahhhh…ACID pretty much sums up the overdose of metallic! From your posts, it seems as if a LOT of the people at that party took the name literally.

  4. Pitu at | | Reply

    Omg awful, awful, awful dress on Shibani. Dia looks great!

  5. kannu at | | Reply

    dia looks fab !
    from wre can i get such dress ?

  6. Aarthi at | | Reply

    Dia’s dress is fab. Great body. Makeup on the face lighter than the neck – tsk tsk…such an amateur mistake.

  7. pearl at | | Reply

    pump for dia
    dump for shibani !

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  9. Nick at | | Reply

    Where does Dia get these clothes.. from?? considering all her movies are a bomb.. anything else she does?

  10. anisha at | | Reply

    diya’s dress is awwwwssome!!!!!!

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