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  1. monica dangeti at | | Reply

    A Stripe Affair dress by Yogesh Chaudhary. I want to wear on my cruise vaca!!

  2. Lemon at | | Reply

    My pick would be the grey sweet disposition dress. It looks really comfortable so i would probably wear it everywhere.

  3. Deepika at | | Reply

    SEQUIN PARTY DRESS is my favorite dress. I would wear it to my office Christmas party to cheer up the mood.

  4. bansuri shetty at | | Reply

    I would totally wear the Flutter & Flatter Jumpsuit for my upcoming vacation to Greece.
    Location: Chicago, USA

  5. Neha Yagnik at | | Reply

    I am in love with this “Angel Eye Floral Dress” by Monica Dogra . Because i think i will look stunning in this floral dress & i die for floral prints dresses. Wish to win.
    P.s. Followed Stylista on each platform.

  6. Suchi Rajdeepan at | | Reply


    I’m loving the ‘Kiss me, I’m famous maxi’ right now. It’s got all the glitter and style with the slit and low back going for it. With the festive season coming up, I’ll be most excited to wear it and flaunt my curves at a cocktail party :)

  7. Shweta Singh at | | Reply

    My favourite is the floral maxi dress because it has a timeless classic look! I would wear it for my day out with the girls where we brunch, spa and catch a movie together :)

  8. Mridula at | | Reply

    I love all the Nishka Lulla designs, especially the Instant Crush skirt and the many Mormom look dresses. The Teachers Pet Maxi Dress, Sugar and Spice Dress and Strawberry Storm Tunic are favourites. Her designs are perfectly demure. I wish the Have a Grape Day dress wasn’t sold out. Also liking the Monica Dongre designs – The Angel Eye floral dress is a standout. What an easy and forgiving silhouette.

  9. Kakul Gautam at | | Reply

    Into The Blue Kaftan would be my favourite. I would wear it to brunch by the pool side, just to do justice to that gorgeous thigh slit.

  10. Farha Dhar at | | Reply

    Hi, I love the masaba gupta dhoti-skirt! I think it will be flattering on all body types and is very versatile…i would team it with a sexy black crop top for a date or a white/hot pink ganji for brunch with my gal friends…i also love the nishka lulla strawberry storn tunic…i think it will be perfect with gold cigarette pants for a function like an engagement party!

  11. Tushtita Deka at | | Reply

    The prints attracts me the most, and have been longing to buy a printed palazzos
    Day Shopping with my girls

  12. Alisha Coelho at | | Reply

    Love the floral maxi – it’s so slouchy chic (I hope that makes sense, as oxymoronic as it sounds). I see myself wearing it to brunch with the girls or on holiday with the boy!

  13. Pooja at | | Reply

    My favourite dress is Nilaya’s Always and Never dress. I’ think I’ll wear it to the NH7 Weekender :D :D

  14. S.I. at | | Reply

    Queen Bee Dress by Rinku Dalamal. I spent a long time browsing through the website to pick a favourite. The Queen Bee Dress took the cup because it ticked all the boxes on my checklist. It’s stylish – can be glam-ed up for a night out or dressed down for a day event. The Cheetah print pleated panels elevate an otherwise simple black dress to something that is fun, quirky & interesting. It’s weather appropriate – be it summers or winters. Most importantly, for a modest dresser like myself, I can wear it with ease! Love it.

  15. Aastha at | | Reply

    Haute as hell jacket by Masaba.

    As the name suggests, this jacket is super hot haute! I have always been a fan of Masaba’s quirky prints and clean cuts. Team this jacket with skinny jeans, a black crop top, bold lips and hair in a pony tail and you are all set to conquer the world.

    My close friend is getting married in Germany in february, I can only imagine the looks this jacket will get at the rehearsal lunch!

  16. Aditi Rao at | | Reply

    Jagger Knot Back Maxi: Been in love with this since it was launched. Love Monica Dogra’s easy hippie style and that maxi seems to embody her beautiful soul and free spirit. This piece is evidence that the clothes have soul and it is special to me in an inexplicable, poetic way.

  17. Simran K at | | Reply

    Hello P&P!

    My favourite item of clothing on Stylista is: Frosting on my Cupcake Dress
    Why: I’m five months pregnant and am planning a short vacation (babymoon?) to Thailand with my husband next month. I think this baby pink dress with an ‘angarkha’ style neck and a knot belt at the waist will make for the perfect maternity vacay outfit. The fabric looks soft and comfy. I’ll pair it with my blush sunglasses, some baubles and pale gold flats! Sigh!!! :)

    Fingers crossed!

  18. Ritika Bhandari Parekh at | | Reply

    I would love to wear Priyadarshini Rao’s – It’s A Jungle Out There : Seagull Print for my birthday treat, which is coming in November :)

  19. Amandeep Kaur at | | Reply

    Hello girls,

    My favourite piece is the WHOLE LOTTA FUN SKIRT. It is so fun and flirty and versatile, I can wear it anywhere really – to a date, to the mall, to a friend’s b’day party, to my own b’day party! Hope to win!!!

  20. whizbabe at | | Reply

    I’ve been obsessed with the ‘Make An Exit Maxi’ by Masaba Gupta for a while now. I’d wear this breezy dress on a day out at a beach resort, paired with fuchsia thong sandals, and maybe a loose turban head wrap.

  21. Divya Bajaj at | | Reply

    I love the Easy does it Maxi Dress. I am going for my second wedding anniversary and would be staying at Venetian Macau so I shall wear that maxi there like a fashionable shopper.

  22. Neha C at | | Reply

    Love the strut your stuff maxi dress by Masaba Gupta. Love the quirky knife print. Would wear it to a weekend brunch.

  23. Sharmine at | | Reply

    I love the Masaba typewriter print palazzo pants. One of my favorite possessions is a vintage yellow typewriter I inherited from my grandfather. I aspire to write, and books are the most important things in my life. Therefore the choice is a no brainer.

  24. RICHA at | | Reply

    Hi Team,
    I have a lot of favorites here, but the ones i truly LOVED are:
    -BIRDS OF PARADISE SKIRT – WHITE: Lovely casual fun skirt!-which I would wear to a day out with my friends with comfy flats n tank top or may be with MANGO SORBET TUNIC.
    – Also I lovedddd GRAPHIC TRAFFIC DHOTI SKIRT- such a differnt piece which would let the heads turn every time you pass by a crowd- I can even wear it my office casual day (i work with a fashion brand so..) :)


  25. Revathy at | | Reply

    Masaba’s ‘Watch me if you can’ dress. I would wear it to lunch with my girlfriends. :)

  26. Rachana at | | Reply

    The walking on sunshine pants by Masaba is a stunner. I could wear it for semi-formal or a casual chic look. Would be apt for being the centre of attention without being in your face. Also, lovely website :)

  27. Anupama at | | Reply

    Ladies, I pick the SIXTIES SWING SWIMSUIT by Shivan and Narresh. It’s got stripes, it’s got a bold red block, it has a halter neck, how’s a girl to resist?! I plan to rock this baby on the beaches of Sri Lanka. Chio!

  28. sarah at | | Reply

    love the honey bunch shirt dress! would team it up with a striking valliyan necklace and wear it out to weekday dinner and drinks with my girlfriends.

  29. Komal Goel at | | Reply

    I want to buy the Angel Eye Floral Dress by Monica dogra, as I am in love with the print and neckline. I would wear it to my holiday in Goa.

  30. Anubha at | | Reply

    I LOVE the cheery ‘Spring Break Skirt’.
    Fingers crossed** :)

  31. Monalisa at | | Reply

    This place is full of crazy good stuff! But since the protocol requires me to pick just one (you guys are cruel!), it has to be the Style Shift maxi dress by Priyadarshini Rao. It’s feminine in a very earthy, gypsy kind of a way, which is my style. It’s such a go-to piece, I would even wear it to work!

  32. sonal at | | Reply

    While I like all the outfits, I like the top and shorts combination the best, for an outdoor picnic

  33. Devika at | | Reply

    I would want the ‘STEEL-ING THE SHOW JACKET’,
    which I would wear with big rose tinted glasses, a fabulous turban, much like the model but more frou frou, and sprawl on a loungechair on a sunny day next to the pool. And while sipping on mai tais I will let out low sighs as I think of the luminosity of this very moment!

  34. preksha at | | Reply

    My personal fav. is —->>> DANCIN’ IN THE DARK ROMPER

    Chic, girlie, vibrant plus it comes in my fav. color ! With dash of Blue, will make heads turn and fall people in love with you ;)

  35. Bhakti at | | Reply

    Hi, I liked Reshma’s Cloudy Cotton Dress for a simple reason that it matches my type of clothing. The dress looks very comforting, simple yet very elegant. This dress with some trendy piece of jewellery…a perfect combo to wear at a Sunday brunch…!!

  36. kusum at | | Reply

    TAKE IT TO THE LIMIT MAXI DRESS – Want to groove on the dance floor all night twirling in it. I can’t take my eyes off it and when i wear it people wont take their eyes off me !!

  37. Poornima at | | Reply

    I personally ADORE the key lime shorts because they’re what I call a true statement piece. Dress it up, dress it down and it will always get noticed. Personally, I’m hugely biased to shorts and Stylista (I own their glass hearts shorts) so I tend to gravitate to every single piece in their shorts section! :)

  38. Fashion Gourmand at | | Reply

    Firstly Stylista.Com has got an amazing collection so the choice of one dress became a little difficult.There were a variety of designers to choose from and their original collection was drool worthy too.
    My favorite currently is We are electric crop top by Monica Dogra because I love it’s print. It gives an ethnic touch and at the same time a chic look, that’s what I liked the most about it. Totally loving it.. Where would I wear it? Well, it’s so casual at the same time so elegant that one can pretty much wear it anywhere but more precisely probably for some party or an outing with friends.

  39. Mathangi Krish at | | Reply

    The tangerine soda pants are fantabulous. I’m a big fan of both relaxed fits and neon-bright colours, and given that my job involves managing and holding on to the attention of 17-19 year olds, I need myself some sass. Structure-easy pants make poststructuralist theory palatable.

  40. Drishti Singh at | | Reply

    I love the GYPSY VOYAGE MAXI!
    It is perfect for summer!
    I would love to wear it when its hot outside like on a picnic. Pair it with a hat, gladiators and you are good to go! :D

  41. Vani CHawla at | | Reply

    My item of choice is: Surf’s up! swimsuit by Shivan & Narresh.
    It’s classic, yet has a nice burst of color. The shape is super flattering to most bodies and I would wear it on an upcoming beach vacation to Bali :)
    Now make me win ;-)

  42. Vrinda at | | Reply


    The Hey Beaches! Tankini by Shivan and Naresh. I wish I had this piece when I was honeymooning in Spain….such a good twist on the two piece and a big life saver for slightly more curvier women like me.



  43. Pooja Sadashiv at | | Reply

    My Favorite item is ‘WATCH ME IF YOU CAN DRESS’ By Masaba Gupta! Its Qwirky & super Pretty! Would be a Perfect outfit for a Brunch! :)

  44. Aakansha at | | Reply


    I have always loved Msasba Gupta’s Style, hence my favorite is obviously the FROU FROU CROP TOP by Masaba Gupta and i will wear it on THE NEW YEAR’s EVE PARTY with my Girl Friend in AMSTERDAM. As we both are going for a girl’s only trip to have some care free fun. This Crop Top fits the occasion just right.


  45. Deepa Makhija at | | Reply

    Hi ,
    I like Masaba Gupta’s Frills and Thrills Crop top and The Final Cut Palazzos. I like Masaba Gupta designs and will like to pair her designed Separates. Crop top will really give me a chic look and Palazzos will add the dash of glamour and the latest fashion .

    I’ll wear this dress to my would be In-laws home as my would be Mother-in-Laws thinks herself a big Fashionista and never appreciates my high street brands dresses also. Hence I want to show my style to her . Sounds Funny … I know but nothing big for a girl to get compliments from her would be In-laws.
    Thanks a lot.

  46. Ashmi at | | Reply

    I absolutely love WE ARE ELECTRIC CROP TOP by Monica Dogra. It has a gorgeous bohemian and indie vibe and has me dreaming of beaches and music festivals!

  47. Nisha at | | Reply

    I love the MEGA LACE KIMONO COVER – BLACK by Monica Dogra. I love its free boho vibe. Its black so could wear it with almost anything. Would definitely wear it to a music festival or a gig on the beach somewhere.

  48. Chirrag Sheth at | | Reply

    Full Disclosure – My wife has absolutely NO idea I’m doing this!

    Item of Clothing – Honestly, anything from the Masaba collection (My wife adores her and frequently gushes about her line)

    Why / Where – So she has the perfect outfit to wear on out anniversary (I know she’s been secretly hunting for one!)

    With crossed fingers for my awesome wife,

  49. Vidhu Baby at | | Reply

    I would love to wear the maxi dress for a nice Sunday brunch!!!


  50. Piali Dasgupta at | | Reply

    The “Watch Me If You Can Dress” from Masaba is my favourite because I have a TV that’s as vintage as the ones printed on the dress, and one that’s a source of a lot of amusement for my friends. Besides, the pop of fuschia in the otherwise monochrome dress makes all the difference. I would wear it to a fun poolside brunch.

  51. Ritika at | | Reply

    Stripe It Up Dress by Yogesh Chaudhary is my favorite.
    And that’s because the one-shoulder dress in Cool Blue is just so me!
    I’m tiny height-wise and I love that I can carry off these cutesy dresses :)
    Thank you!
    Lots of love :)

  52. Deeksha Thakur at | | Reply

    My favourite item of clothing would be the Piece of cake dress. With the sequins and the pretty pastel colour it is a perfect mix of fun and flirty and I would wear it anywhere from brunch to shopping with my girlfriends or even on a date or just to feel fabulous on an off day!

  53. Swati Trivedi at | | Reply

    I’d totally get the Wendell Rodricks Waterfall Jacket.
    My style is very basic and minimal. I’d wear a nice white tank and a pair of shorts/trousers (depending on how I am feeling) alongside the jacket. This can be worn to chill with my girls or for an evening where love and wine both flow. Hair in a top knot and a pop of color via make up and I am good to go.

  54. saee at | | Reply

    I would wear the ANGEL EYE FLORAL DRESS by Monica Dogra to bring in my 31st Birthday on 10th November. I am a traveller at heart and this fun, flowery maxi dress transports me to the bohemian spirit of the Mediterranean, my dream destination. What if I can’t go there on my 31st , I can at least travel through this dress in Spirit :)

  55. march hare at | | Reply

    I would definitely wear Wendell Rodricks’ Hello Romance dress in siren red! Because, really, it’s Wendell Rodricks and one doesn’t really need a reason to wear his stuff! On top of that, it’s in red, which is my favourite colour AND it’s in a shape that suits my…ahem…figure. Who doesn’t want a stunning dress that (a) doesn’t make one broke and (b) doesn’t require sucking in one’s stomach at all times?

  56. priya at | | Reply

    “Frosting on my Cupcake” dress is my favorite piece on stylista. It is boho chic and yet the pretty pink colour adds a bit of feminine charm to it. I think its a perfect piece to wear on a holiday or just go grab a Sunday afternoon brunch with the girls….accessorized with the chloe round frame shades ( another one on my lust list) .. its my dream dress!

  57. Jainee Ganjwala at | | Reply

    1st outfit to a Sunday brunch party !!! Its comfortable and yet very stylish !!

  58. Garima at | | Reply

    One of my favorite items of clothing is SPLATTER ME SILLY DRESS. It’s something that defines my taste when it comes to getting dressed. I can easily wear it to a daytime party with friends or may be to an exhibition of Yves Klein’s works :)

  59. Ramya at | | Reply

    Lovvee the “Nilaya’s always and never dress ” :D :D

  60. gowri at | | Reply

    Goody two shoes dress -Greg by Tanya sharma. Love the simplicity/clean finish and the old school charm of the dress.. Would wear it almost anyday..

  61. Monika at | | Reply

    HAUTE AS HELL JACKET from Masaba is my favorite. I would wear it to office on Saturdays . I love it for its quirkiness & structured design

  62. nada at | | Reply

    id wear floral printed dress to a night out at beach side party!!!!!

  63. Shruti Bhatia at | | Reply

    SUMOHA TIE-DYE PANTS by MONICA DOGRA!! Hands down! Going for my honeymoon soon….would love to pair these up with a nice tank!

  64. Shruti Bhatia at | | Reply

    SUMOHA TIE-DYE PANTS by MONICA DOGRA!! Hands down! Going for my honeymoon soon and would love to pair these with a nice tank!

  65. Kavya at | | Reply

    sorry to bring this upfront but you people never READ never award anyone! There is never a result that is announced. How do we know the transparency of your giveaways!

  66. Ambrin Akhtar at | | Reply

    I love the HEARTBREAK GIRL SHIRT, because i love florals, and black florals look good in autumn…. I would wear this shirt with jeans on a day out with friends, and with black trousers on a dinner/night out. :)

  67. Aditi Kumavat at | | Reply

    I love the ‘Nilaya’s Always & Never dress’ by Monica Dogra.
    It’s just the right mix of bohemian and girly grunge.
    Pair it with heels & it instantly transforms into elegant evening wear.
    Throw on boots & a funky ear cuff & it’s boho chic at its best.

  68. Sushi at | | Reply

    I HAVE to say that I was smitten by a lot of outfits on Stylista.com and really loved the website, regret noticing it late. Anyways, I’d first like to mention a few of the outfits I really liked among the many, the Kiss Me I’m famous maxi would be perfect for a red carpet or any grand event, the shine on maxi would really be an appropriate outfit for a grand night party, the Elton Alien T-Shirt maxi, the Angel Eye Floral dress & Birdy dance dress(white) would definitely be my go to outfits for a lunch or a brunch date or a ride around the city. Really difficult to pick my most favorite outfit but it would be Masaba Gupta’s Frills & thrills crop top with the final cut palazzos would really look classy and simple for events like a dinner or a holiday, this outfit definitely makes it to my wish list!

  69. Shweta at | | Reply

    I love love love the “TAKE IT TO THE LIMIT MAXI DRESS”. Being a first time mommy with an awesome gift given to me by my daughter – THE PAUNCH – this maxi dress is perfect to hide that unflattering part. I love maxi dresses that hug just above the tummy sort of in a princess cut style. I would wear it to a quite night out, which are rare, with my husband with uncut diamond danglers and nude strappy sandals…ooooooo dreaming already!!!

  70. Gayathri Nimmakayala at | | Reply

    I love the Masaba-Gupta – freewheelin-fashionista-dress. I’d love to wear it to work with tights and Black heels . i Am sure it will make the work atmosphere more fun :)


  71. Ashita Ga at | | Reply

    Thanks for this lovely giveaway!
    The “Kiss Me I’m Famous Maxi” immediately caught my attention the moment I saw it. The bling detail overall is just too sexy to handle. That’ll be the outfit I’ll buy if I win this contest and will wear it to my sister’s bachelorette party! :’D

  72. Anita Ag at | | Reply

    Hello! My favorite has to be the Lady Noir Dress. It has a very majestic and royal touch to it. Pair it with bold red lips and a hot red clutch and you’re good to go! :D

  73. Shweta at | | Reply

    I like Masaba Gupta palazzo pants , the hello ones. Think they are super versatile and will wear them on a day out to the mall.the typewriter print is super cute :)

  74. Ria Shah at | | Reply

    I love the Tequila Sunset Dress by Shivan and Narresh…. I’d probably wear it to a summer wedding, or just outside on a warm day.

  75. Ritika at | | Reply

    Sweet Disposition Dress – Grey BY Nishka Lulla would be perfect for my Sunday Brunch with besties :) XXX

    Thank you,

  76. Jagruti Bawa at | | Reply

    ELECTRIC DREAM MAXI because its really very classy and id love to wear it for my birthday next month.

  77. Apurva Mhatre at | | Reply

    I would love to have the HAUTE AS HELL JACKET because of its quirk quotient! Green trims and huge black typewriters?! Thats gotta add some zing to any classic outfit be it black tank and denims or pink tanks n black pencil skirt!!

  78. Heena at | | Reply

    Dresses-Pretty lights dress-by RINKU DALAMAL is my fav
    Because her dresses r v elegant and beautiful…just perfect
    I would love to wear it on my bday party :)
    Hope i win ….!!!

  79. Prasita Sankar at | | Reply

    The “KISS ME I’M FAMOUS MAXI” is my favorite. I have a party to go to soon in a swanky club, and what better way than head-to-toe sequins to make a statement!?! I also see silver “in” in a very big way this season.

  80. Sanya at | | Reply

    “Lady Noir Dress” is my favorite outfit because I love the classy black and I guess it will have a perfect fit on me. The thigh slit perfectly compliments the class of this dress! Would love to wear this beautiful outfit. :)

  81. Karishma S at | | Reply

    BIG DEAL BOMBER would be my favorite item on the website. It’s perfect for a cold weather and black and white is an all time classic. Pair it with jeans or even shorts, it’s a never ending choice.

  82. Pallavi at | | Reply


    Will wear this cute dress to a weekend lunch outing with the husband.

  83. Arshiya Ahmed at | | Reply

    The Denim Daze Dress will be my pick. Can think of so many ways of dressing it up for a night out and dressing it down for casual outings

  84. pc at | | Reply

    Monica Dogra Angel Eye Floral Dress- because it’s classy, fun and looks super comfortable! Floor length dresses in this print are hard to come by. This one would be really cute with a jean jacket :)

  85. Nitika W at | | Reply

    Hard one to pick between Masaba’s Graphic Traffic Dhoti Skirt and Monica Dogras Angel Eye Floral Dress. If I had to pick one, it would be the Traffic Dhoti as its edgy but so modern. I could wear it for dinner with friends or to the local bar with some Indian inspired flats, simple white T, and some statement necklace/ring.

  86. Deepika Agarwal at | | Reply

    1.) In love with the Nilaya’s always and Never dress. So bold yet so feminine. Totally defines the women of today.

  87. Trupti at | | Reply

    Item of clothing I like: ‘We Are Electric Skirt’. This skirt is so versatile; it can be paired with a plain white poplin short and voila, its work time whimsy! With a crop top and boots, its time out with the gals, and with a printed top, its a great ensemble to work the print-on-print trend – so many ways to work this!

  88. Rashmi at | | Reply

    “Angel Eye Floral Dress” -Whether you need to nod to the 90’s, prefer to go all out glam, channel some teen spirit in a grunge way or just look cute as a button- this floral dress is your best pick. It can be styled in so many different ways :)Perfect length to boot too!

  89. shweta at | | Reply

    I love Queen Bee Dress by Rinku Dalamal. Its a love at first sight dress. I love the flare of the dress. It is so pretty and elegant. The monocrome trend makes it more loveable. It will give me a nice and sexy look. I would love to wear this dress for a dinner date with my man. I am pretty sure that he will also love this beautiful dress on me.

  90. afshan adlakha at | | Reply

    My favorite piece of clothing on stylista.com is SPANISH LULLABY DRESS by Tanya Sharma. I love it because of its color, freshness, and accent of embroidery. It goes perfectly with my Desi Boho style. I would wear it everywhere, to brighten up my Mondays, give a pop of color to office meetings, and on a Sunday brunch with friends. Love it.

  91. Pritha Bhattacharya at | | Reply

    I love Masaba Gupta’s ‘Make an Exit Maxi Dress’ . The length is great for a casual day at the movies or for an evening with friends. Fun print at the front and solid pink back gives it a different spin.

  92. Rupali at | | Reply


    It’s so chic dress, looks like it’s comfortable but at the same time stylish. I will wear it at any casual or semi-casual event with some classic jewellery.


  93. Jaya at | | Reply

    Keys To My Heart Shirt Dress.
    I love the print and the colours, and it looks very comfortable, yet chic. I’d wear it to brunch with friends

  94. madhuri bucha at | | Reply

    my fav piece of clothing from Stylista is the ‘Tequila sunset dress’ by Shivan and Naresh. The name itself describes the dress perfectly. Its easy breezy and at the same time super trendy. its dressy without being OTT. The clean lines, bright colour and flirty hemline make it perfect. The best part is that it can be worn on various occasions- high heels and a bag and some accessories make it perfect for a night out and you can always convert it into a day dress with strappy flats and a satchel.

  95. Henna soni at | | Reply

    i would love to wear “cream of the crop top with olive branch shorts ” for day out with my friends for brunch as i have toned legs and this will be the best dress

  96. Adara at | | Reply

    I love the simple neat cut/color of the dress. I would wear it for my BFFs B’day coming up in Dec. ;)

  97. Trupti at | | Reply

    Love the Masabas. Would love to wear the “Take an Exit” maxi dress :)

  98. Palvi at | | Reply

    ‘Frosting On My Cupcake Dress’ is my favorite item of clothing on Stylista.Com because of its delicious candy color and delicate look. Wrap dresses let you be elegant and sensuous at the same time.
    Given a choice, I would definitely wear the dress to a lazy brunch with my girlfriends, accessorizing it with a pair of golden flats, sling bag and a chunky gold watch, for a sleek, minimalist look.

  99. saumya shukla at | | Reply

    i really love the waterfall jacket by wendell rodricks
    I’d love to pair it up with a crop top and a bodycon skirt!!
    it’ll be a fun party outfit

  100. aakriti agarwal at | | Reply

    you had me at hello pallazos and bralette top for a brunch party..

  101. Shrinidhi at | | Reply

    I Love the lime punch waistcoat by Masaba. I cannot dress up tooooo quirky at work but this waist coat over a black kurti and denim trousers would give the right amount of punch to my work day attire

  102. Saranya at | | Reply

    I love Camo prints and this one looks super cool and comfortable.

  103. nabila qureshi at | | Reply

    I like Nishka Lulla’s Sugar and Spice Dress, reason being it’s a pastel color and I would totally wear this on my next trip to Spain! <3

  104. Pooja Manghirmalani at | | Reply

    I absolutely fell in love with “Summer Loving Maxi Dress by Wendelle Rodricks”. Its too apt for a day shopping trip on an exotic island. I am heading for my 2nd honeymoon to Seychelles. .so m gonna grab this piece soon. Moreover..it will hide my extra kilos and it looks too comfortable to be in for many hours of the day.

  105. Sansthita at | | Reply

    I love the “Keys to my heart” shirt dress. I am a big Masaba fan and love her funky prints. I would wear this dress on a fun day date.

  106. PRIYANKA DOGRA at | | Reply

    I love love love the top and the shorts. Perfect for me to wear it on my upcoming Singapore trip. its will be like wearing my own fashion style- comfortable and trendy… I loved its pairing with a fedora…. Cant wait to flaunt it.

  107. Lakshmi at | | Reply

    I pick Monica Dogra’s blurry days shirt because of the lovely colours and the lovely ikat print…

  108. Lakshmi at | | Reply

    Monica Dogra’s Blurry Days Shirt for the beautiful ikat print and the deep purple colour that I love.

  109. Dee Rolla at | | Reply

    Hi P&P,

    Love your website and am excited about a giveaway open to us outside of India too :)!!

    I love the “Naughty in Nautical” bikini by Shivan & Narresh. Would definitely wear it on by Thailand beach holiday in December!


  110. Tina at | | Reply

    Denim Daze Dress is my favorite. Will wear it for Saturday brunch with my friends.

  111. Namrata at | | Reply

    I would wear the ‘Watch Me If You Can’ dress by Masaba because I love how clean and chic it feels while embracing graphic print. It can work well from day to night when paired with different accessories which makes it a perfect buy.

  112. Alipt Chahal at | | Reply

    Touch of gold tank top by wendell rodricks on a date wih my husband. Will wear it with deep blue skinny denims, nude pumps, n just a gold cuff for jewellery. Might add a pink or a coral lip!

  113. shruti sinha at | | Reply

    My favourite is Cuba Libre dress by Shivan and Narresh. I love the edginess of the dress and it’s bold colors

  114. ritika at | | Reply

    Amber’s Grunge Dress

    I would totally wear some grunge boots and go to the upcoming NH7 weekender in it.

  115. shyba at | | Reply

    My favorite is “WHO’S THAT CHICK MAXI DRESS – PEACH”… by Priyadarshini Rao
    I will wear it for a Sunday Brunch…with a sling bag and bright color sandals or shoe to add a pop of color to the look
    Love the color and its freshness and easy going style …

  116. Archana at | | Reply

    I am absolutely loving the Masaba Gupta “Watch Me If You Can Dress”. Everything about the dress from the vintage TV prints to the pink details are wonderful and especially love the silhouette on the dress.

  117. Sue at | | Reply

    The Pretty Lights Dress by Rinku Dalamal for a much-deserved night out in the town.

  118. Anu M at | | Reply

    YOU HAD ME AT HELLO PALAZZOS (Masaba) – Im in a palazzo obsessed now a days … and this printed piece would bring a ‘bold face’ transition from scorching summer to cool fall in my wardrobe. Perfect brunch wear.

  119. reshma at | | Reply

    My two choices are the Blue Cascade Palazzo Pants since i don’t own palazzos and am dying to buy one and Wendell Rodricks black palazzo caught my eye they seem super comfy to wear everywhere even to work! From the tops i liked the Stars Dance Top- Blue for a night out and Weekending Top for work . Also loved the Beachy Babe Tankini by S&N since I’m a water baby and love to swim :)

  120. Megha at | | Reply

    My favorite piece on the website is definitely the navy colored soft peplum top. Its a very versatile piece. i could just throw it over my grey pencil fit formal cropped pants and am ready for a presentation at the conference. i could wear it over my white wide legged linen pants and am ready for my visit at the mall. i could also pair it with my blue bf denims and sit at a coffee shop sipping and reading, pair it with my tiny white shorts for my endless travel, and lastly deck up with my hot silver jeggings and am good to go clubbing. OMG i have almost bought it. i love it…!

  121. Vasudha at | | Reply

    I liked waistcoats from Masaba gupta from stylista; they are chick and trendy. Will team up waist coats with Printed Plazzao with plain tank top for a weekend lunch and for dinner will wear with shimmery touch dhoti and plain black racer top.

  122. shamika shetty at | | Reply

    i love the green apple apple crop top and you had me at hello palazzo pant. I would love to wear it for pool side brunch with my hubby.

  123. Samridhi Seth at | | Reply

    One of my favorite outfit which I can’t get enough of at stylists.com is Fields of Gold kaftan by @rinku dalamal . Since I heading to a vacation next month , it would be the best suited dress for traveling as it would look stylish and it would be comfortable as well. If accessorised accordingly it would complement both in the day as well as for a romantic evening with my husband

  124. Neha Bhattacharya at | | Reply

    I would wear the strut your stuff maxi dress from Masaba. I would wear it because it’s not only stylish but comfortable to strut my stuff in during my upcoming vacation in Goa.

  125. Simar Walia at | | Reply

    The keep it simple silly skirt to a Sunday formal dinner :)

  126. Ipshita Sharma at | | Reply

    My Chemical Romance dress would be so so perfect for a Friday brunch with my friends here in Dubai because they start off as an easy brunch and then end up in classy lounges. This dress looks like it can work in both situations!

  127. ranj sau at | | Reply

    Hahaa..loved sooooo many !

    Ohhkkk…if i’ve to select one..then…it will be the CUBA LIBRE DRESS ! (INR 3500)

    It has many elements entwined together in one piece :) The blue color is so beautiful & “royally” kind..
    It can be office wear appropriate with a jacket….or worn in a casual style for the beach or styled up a notch with a sexy necklace & can be worn for the evening !
    I totally love stuff that are versatile in function ! And this particular dress has all the elements…so yes, my thumbs up for it ! :)

  128. Saachi Garg at | | Reply

    Hey Priyanka, thanks for organizing this wonderful giveaway and best wishes for years of blogging ahead of you.
    My favorite piece of clothing has to be the Fairy Dust Dress, a silver knee length sequined dress perfect for this years New Year’s Celebrations! Would love to own this beauty!
    Fingers crossed!
    Saachi Garg

  129. Heeara Agrawal at | | Reply

    What a lovely chance to win vouchers from my favorite brand!
    My favorite piece from their site is “Splatter Me Silly Dress” as it has such a pretty combination of white and blue in a flattering silhouette! Would love to flaunt this dress during a sunday brunch!
    Thanks for this opportunity!
    Heeara.. :)

  130. Pritha Dalmia at | | Reply

    Hey guys, my favorite product from Stylista is the Spring Break Skirt, I would love to pair it with a crisp white shirt and wear it on a day out at the horse racetracks!
    Thanks for organizing this!

  131. Shivani Gupta at | | Reply

    Thanks for organizing this contest! I would love to buy the Ezra’s poetic pen tank top in ivory and wear it with a washed out blue denim pants and accessorize them with a brown belt and a satchel for a romantic date.. Fingers crossed.. Wish to win!

  132. Heena flora at | | Reply

    Pretty lights dress is my fav. On stylista
    N its a perfect dress which i can wear on my bday party …
    Because it looks elegant n beautiful…:)

  133. Kshitee Grover at | | Reply

    Hi Priyanka, my favorite piece from Stylista is the Nadia’s smoke ombre dress which would make me the centre of attraction when i go to a party! Keeping my fingers tightly crossed for this!
    Kshitee Grover.

  134. Sarita Garewal at | | Reply

    Loving the Party Started Dress by Rinku Dalamal. It’s perfect for a cocktail party! Just add gold pumps and red lipstick and you’re good to go! :)
    Thanks for the amazing contest, fingers crossed!

  135. Deepti at | | Reply

    Dani’s Peach Peasant dress is so dreamy. It will be perfect for outings with friends or an intimate date.

  136. va at | | Reply

    I like the summer loving top by Wendell Rodricks because it reminds me of going to a beach . I would wear it out for shopping or to a movie .

  137. Jattini Garg at | | Reply

    Thanks for this wonderful giveaway. Summer Loving Mini Dress by Wendell Rockricks is by far my most loved dress on Stylista.. It would match perfectly with a light blue/silver heels and definitely look great if worn during an event by the beach.. Wish to win.. Thanks again..

  138. tia mampilly at | | Reply

    Making waves swimsuit. i would wear it to the beach cause I’m a surfer ;)

  139. Shreiya at | | Reply

    The Graphic Traffic Dhoti Skirt

    It would fun to pair it with a solid bold bright color like Green or Orange!

  140. milonee at | | Reply

    NISHKA LULLA – TEACHER’S PET MAXI DRESS is my favourite as this pretty pastel number is the perfect companion for a day out in the sun. It would be great for a day out with the girls.

  141. Neha Kulkarni at | | Reply

    Thanks for introducing me to Stylista!
    Loved many of the dresses! If I had to choose one, I would go with the “Bust A Move Dress by Rinku Dalamal”. The LBD with animal print at the back would be perfect for the bachelorette party that I’m organising for my cousin.

  142. Seema at | | Reply

    My favorite dress is the Sweet Disposition Dress – Pink by Nishka Lulla….I would love to wear it for an outing with the girls, it’s pink and fun and light–just what I need for my day.

  143. ishwarya at | | Reply

    I loved the easy does it maxi dress by masaba Gupta. The sorbet color is absolutely yum and I love how the printed border gives pops against the pink. I would wear this to Sunday brunch with my girlfriends :)

  144. dhruvi at | | Reply

    FEMME FATALE TUNIC is my favourite and i would wear it to lunch or tea with my bffs. I love the style, classy quotient, and the fact that a dark colour will make me look slimmer

  145. Lik at | | Reply

    I Love the Freewheelin’ fashionista dress by Masaba Gupta. It’s fun, quirky and girly. The silhouette is clean, simple and cute. The best part about this dress is that I can either pair it with sneakers (I wear everything with sneakers :D) or dress it up by pairing it with heels or pumps, or just wear them with comfy flats/sandals/T-straps/ballerinas or even fun flatforms. I think I would throw on a cape/long flowy jacket/hoodie on it on days when I am game for all things drama. I can wear this dress to the beach, I could wear it to a brunch, I can wear it for shopping, hell I can even wear it at home. I can totally imagine myself freewheelin in this piece of garment..(think on the beautiful streets of pondicherry on a cute colourful vintage bicycle…).

  146. ami at | | Reply

    FALL IN LINE MAXI DRESS- SHIVAN AND NARRESH, I would wear at at a yacht party for a sundowner and my trip to Koh samui in a few months, for my friends bachelorette. This is the perfect beach -island outfit

  147. Hunar harjai at | | Reply

    PLEATS PLEASE SKATER SKIRT is my favourite .
    and i would love to wear it in a party. its is very trendy :)

  148. atrayee dutta gupta at | | Reply

    would love to wear TEQUILA SUNSET DRESS and layer it up with MASABA HAUTE AS HELL JACKET <3

  149. saachi at | | Reply

    island in the sun dress by nishka lulla , I love it because of its pastel shade, it would shine like a star in the sunshine. I would love to carry it on an island on a sunny day, like an ice cube in the sun. Also this dress will make me feel like I am living a Susegad life

  150. harneet suri at | | Reply

    EASY DOES IT MAXI DRESS.. i love it ! :*

  151. Ranjana at | | Reply


  152. Gauri Arora at | | Reply

    My pick would be the “taking it easy skirt”by Wendell Rodricks.Its a clean classy garment that can be snazzed up or dressed down.I would wear it with a saree blouse to cop the current crop top trend and wear a gorge dupatta around my neck for an ethnic boho look.On some days I’d wear it with a racerback vest and flats with a denim jacket thrown in and change to Doc Martens.I could even wear a kurta with an obi belt over the skirt.There are a million ways to wear this skirt.Wear it like a bandeau beach dress or part of a traditional ensemble.Any which way,It’s so much fun in a girl’s wardrobe!I heart it!!

  153. Vibhuti at | | Reply

    Definitely the flutter & flatter jumpsuit.
    The signature masaba-quirky typewriter print….cute. Check. Flatters the not so skinny me body type. Double check. N ofcourse masaba’s original. Check again
    Wear it to the lazy sunday brunch or the next date @ the musical :*

  154. revati at | | Reply

    my favourite is the angle eye maxi dress..i love it a sit looks simple and yet stylish!!!i would go out with my hubby for a nice walk on the beach..woohoo!!!it already makes me feel beautiful imagining me in it..thankyou highheel…:)

  155. Sam at | | Reply

    Combed the entire site but the ‘Watch Me If You Can Dress’ is hands down my favourite!
    Love the print! So simple yet so stylish <3

  156. ded at | | Reply


  157. Karuna kACHRU at | | Reply

    1) I love Priyadarshini Rao’s STYLE SHIFT MAXI DRESS
    2) its bohemian, indian weather friendly and if accessorised correctly can be worn on multiple occasions…in fact if I pair it with my Olivia Dar headress it would look simply stunning .. i could wear it to a friends birthday with accessories, to a movie without them, or a Sunday brunch in delhi winters!! :)

  158. vaibhavi bhardwaj at | | Reply

    Watch me if you can dress

  159. vaibhavi bhardwaj at | | Reply

    Watch me if you can dress is my favorite .I like it for its vibrant print!!

  160. ashwani singh at | | Reply

    Easy does it maxi dress is my favorite as i would wear it on my baby shower…

  161. khushboo at | | Reply

    I love the Shift dress maxi by Priyadarshini Rao because its my style and would be perfect for a Sunday brunch in Delhi winters :)
    The maxi looks so cozy n comfortable!!

  162. Ashi at | | Reply

    The After Dark Dress is my favorite from the lot. I’d love to wear it to my sister’s cocktail party next month! :D

  163. Astha at | | Reply

    The Over The Shoulder Smoulder Dress is my all time favorite. The color black immediately attracts the eye! I’ll add a heavy pair of earrings and wear this dress to my birthday party!

  164. Aditi at | | Reply

    Wow!!! Wonderful idea to get all affordable designer dresses in one website- stylista.com :)
    I liked Ice cream sundae trousers(grey) by Nishka Lulla !! the most !!as she is my fav. Designer
    I would like to wear these trousers with a red tank top n red flats for both style n comfort at day time in goa where m going for new year celebrations :)
    Cheers :)

  165. Dr. Asmita at | | Reply

    Thanku highheelconfidential team for bringing such fab opportunities.
    Dress I liked most is -hello romance dress by Wendell Rodricks
    I wud wear this pretty red dress on valentines day coming after coupl of months :)

  166. footnotes and finds at | | Reply

    This is a great giveaway! My favourite has got to be freewheelin’ fashionista dress and watch me if you can by Masaba!

  167. rusha at | | Reply

    MAXIMAL CRAZY MAXI by Stylista, its my favourite as I love animal print no matter what trend, season or weather. I would love to wear it on my honeymoon in New Zealand in feb.

  168. Mari V at | | Reply

    FROU FROU CROP TOP is my favorite and I’d wear it at a summer party or a walk on the beach!

  169. karishma at | | Reply

    stylista greek goddess maxi, its a perfect cut and fit, elegant but sexy, this is my go-to dress for a big event.

  170. rupa gadiraju at | | Reply

    Would love to wear the Hey girl tunic – White ( Priyadarshini Rao) ….its so me..and woul love to wear it everywhere…especially for my coming rajasthan vacation…

  171. prachi at | | Reply

    It is very classy

  172. sonal at | | Reply

    love this elegant dress , low elasticated waist in the perfect neutral shade .Its classy , sophisticated and perfect for a sundown.
    Skinny love Dress by Stylista

  173. kushi at | | Reply

    SHIVAN AND NARRESH – TEQUILA SUNSET DRESS I love the colour blocking, I would wear it to a foam party.

  174. Sneha khan at | | Reply

    Definitely the masa a outfit. Would wear it to a Sunday brunch with my girls.

  175. Sj Dc at | | Reply

    Completely love the naughty in nautical bikini for the colour and pattern combo!

  176. Ash Gee at | | Reply

    All the outfits are superb! I’d choose the True Blue Jumpsuit because I believe in staying comfortable yet chic. The denim jumpsuit can be worn with ease and confidence. It needs no accessories or clutches. It’s sexy and flirtatious just the way it is.

  177. Ashey Aga at | | Reply

    I love the Anything Can Happen Jumpsuit because of it’s versatility. Wear it without anything else and don a comfortable, casual look for a brunch. Or add bold red lips and a box clutch to it and get ready for a nightout with the girls!

  178. Marika Baptista at | | Reply

    I absolutely love the Angel Eye Floral Dress because of its easy breezy vibe, fun print and relaxed silhouette. It makes for the perfect dress to wear to a summery brunch with the girls or to a laidback beach party.

  179. ekta vaswani at | | Reply

    The olive brnach shorts with the cream of the crop top are my favourite as I can wear them on a lazy sunday or on a picnic with friends and even on the beach!!

  180. ekta vaswani at | | Reply

    The olive branch shorts with the cream of the crop top are my favourite as I can wear them on a lazy sunday or on a picnic with friends and even on the beach!!

  181. pallavi bhardwaj at | | Reply

    Absolutely loved the “Haute as hell jacket” and “Watch me if you can dress” both by Masaba on Stylista.com. Would totally wear the dress to a date. The jacket is versatile that i could wear it to dinner with friends, casual fridays at work or team it with some fun basic shorts for a movie.

  182. saroj at | | Reply

    NISHKA LULLA – STEEL-ING THE SHOW JACKET its my favourite as its a showstopper dress, love the moonish colour, I would love to carry this at a cocktail party or a beach party.

  183. ojasvi at | | Reply

    My favorite outfit from Stylista is “the ANGEL EYE FLORAL DRESS”. I am boho at heart and it is just the right thing for me. I have this friend who is getting married in Goa and i thing I would love to wear this maxi dress with a beautiful hair and hand accessories.

  184. Swati Sapna at | | Reply

    My favorite have to be the Tangerine Soda Pants. Its a gorgeous colour and the pants look super comfy to wear to work or for a day of shopping and lunch!

  185. Rosemary at | | Reply

    My favourite is the Vested Interest Waistcoat by Masaba. I LOVE all her pieces and I would wear this with a dress or jeans or a skirt – could work anywhere!

  186. Janet Joseph at | | Reply

    Love Tanya Sharma’s Jewel of Morroco Kaftan dress. Would totally wear it to my baby shower, with its easy breezy look!

  187. Roshni Devi at | | Reply

    That ‘WE ARE ELECTRIC SKIRT’ is such a doll! The moment my eyes fell on it, i *knew* i want to take it to NH7 Pune, sooo gypsy home amid all the music and swaying !

  188. sangita at | | Reply

    FALL IN LINE MAXI DRESS by SHIVAN AND NARRESH , I would love to wear it to a cruise tour abroad , love the way it looks and the fact that it has vertical lines as it will make me look thinner and taller.

  189. Anna Marley at | | Reply

    The Cloudy DayJumpsuit has my vote because of it’s simplicity. Wear it with a pair of thongs and you’re good to go. I always believe in being comfortable and hence I would definitely buy this jumpsuit if I win!

  190. Ankita Patel at | | Reply

    FLUTTER & FLATTER JUMPSUIT – it is very cool….lov the top detailing. the length of jumpsuit is v interesting too. Done

  191. mamta vora at | | Reply

    NISHKA LULLA > TEACHER’S PET MAXI DRESS, just love the pastel nude monotone colour, the stitch, style, uber taste is exotic, one can just dive into this dress deep.
    I shall wear it to a boho chic bridal party with a floral wreath on my hair and look like a greek goddess.

  192. kirron at | | Reply

    MASABA GUPTA > YOU HAD ME AT HELLO PALAZZOS , super like the typewriter print and the flawy fabric. Comfort is key here, with its soft fabric and roomy cut. I would love to wear it to a perfect day for shopping the sales with my besties or for a relaxed lunch.

  193. Imon chatterjee at | | Reply

    Watch me if you can dress

  194. Sonal at | | Reply

    I love the Goody Two Shoes Dress-Grey byTanya Sharma on Stylista.com
    What I like about it is the simplicity and the colour. There is so many ways a pop of colour can be added to accompany this look and voila! I am ready to go out with friends for a brunch!

  195. mihi r at | | Reply

    MASABA GUPTA ‘s PLEATS PLEASE SKATER SKIRT is my favourite as i love mint green and the typewriter print border gives it a quirky touch. I would carry it off to my design school and work with style.

  196. Kirthika at | | Reply

    My favorite is the Flip Side Jacket.
    I wanna get this jacket for two reasons.
    1. In my wardrobe, the blazers and cardigans are simply prints- and cheerful colors- deprived.
    I’ve always loved when girls sport these kinda jackets. But when ever I get a chance to lay my hand on one, I chicken out. Because I’m really skeptic about how these beautiful piece of clothing would look on ME. Being a beginner in this colorful jacket department, I think I can handle this gorgeous piece (Even if I get a second thought about how it looks on me while wearing it, I can always turn to the monochrome palette on the flip side ;)

    2. This jacket is a beauty. And I love it.

    P.S: If I got this jacket, I’d be wearing it on my best friend’s birthday party.
    And it would be a good birthday surprise for her, because she’s the one who always wanted
    me to experience with bright cheerful clothes. Yeah, I am ready to flip my pastel mode ..
    on her birthday.

  197. kashya p at | | Reply

    DULCE DE LECHE DRESS , super love the nude peach shade, it brings out a person’s class and taste. I want to carry it at a cocktail party and a high tea party.

  198. Prerana at | | Reply

    I love this DESIGNER dress by YOGESH CHAUDHARY = PACMAN PRETTY – MONOCHROM , coz its quirky pacman print makes this dress very cool plus slits in the dress gives it chic and edgy look. This dress suits my personality too :)

  199. Kirti Basal at | | Reply


    First of all thanku so much team for organizing an awesome giveaway for your fans ^_^
    My Favorite clothing from Stylista.Com is SPLATTER ME SILLY DRESS bcz its a classic piece,this is a fairly Women Party Dress and awesome outfit. I really like the shade and i think this dress makes me feel instantly more feminine !!!
    I would wear this awesome dress on my First Date :)

    Fingers Tightly Crossed !!! Really wanna win with u :)

  200. Aishwarya Nahar at | | Reply

    I’m amazed by the “Fly me to the moon crop top” by Nishka Lulla.
    This is my current favorite from stylista.com
    I love wear this kind of attire to any of the Fashion Events which i attend most!
    It gives a Bit of decent look, not too goddy! so you can Wear it up in any kind of Parties too as Crop tops are alot in Trend!
    Hope to win :-)

  201. Ankita Bhatnagar at | | Reply

    My favourite would definitely be Monica Dogra’s SHARANA MINI DRESS.
    Considering the upcoming fest season, this dress would be just perfect with tassled tan boots, a bunch of gold, bronze bangles and rings, and perfectly winged eye-liner to finish the look.

    – Ankita

  202. sanjeevani agarwal at | | Reply

    I like the western dress collection of stylista…. I like the way they portray the dress in their fb page….

  203. Kamaljit Marwaha at | | Reply

    I would love to buy Flip Side Jacket.. with winters setting in this will be best to add color to a cold cold day. will wear it on casual Fridays to work and Saturday brunches

  204. Farah khan at | | Reply

    Hi Priyanka and the team of high heel confidential… well it’s give away time and i said why not give a try.. i’m from Pakistan but i follow your site on regular bases :)
    My favourite pick won’t be one but two things from stylista one is the “KASHMIRI KARMA DRESS” for one it gives me a gypsy feeling which i have no idea why i’m so much in love with these days … I can wear that to a casual party or lunch and pair it with some funky flip flops and a loose cardigan…
    The other would be stylista’s “BIG DEAL BOMBER” it is hawtt as i must say and it is as we know the seasons “thing” … I would wear this because i wanted one :P and i’d wear it to some casual gathering or to the university pair it with some black tight skinny’s and a black t-shirt so yeah that is my pick..
    and i must say this is the best site to follow fashion from your Pakistani hard-core fan Farah and keep it going Priyanka, Payaland team never stop blogging :)

  205. Sakshi Dhyani at | | Reply

    My favorite is the ICE CREAM SUNDAE TROUSERS – MINT GREEN by Nishka Lulla. I LOVE the color and the style but I have to say the name of the trousers took this fondness to another level ;)
    I would want to wear it with a tank top and golden flats with a statement necklace! Its just so easy to style that even a non-fashionista can do justice and that’s why I like it! I’d wear it for sunday brunch.

  206. Vishakha Bhardwaj at | | Reply

    I really liked the Heartbreak Girl Shirt because it’s feminine, flirtatious and romantic! To dress up, I’d wear it with baby pink chinos and pink lips. To dress down, I’d wear it with a pair of black jeans and a messy bun. I appreciate the fact that the shirt can be styled in a lot of ways, depending on the occasion. Hence, my vote goes to this cute shirt! :)

  207. K at | | Reply

    I adore so many clothes on Stylista that it’s impossible to name only one. As of now I’m completely smitten with Shiro’s Graffiti Jersey Dress(by Monica Dogra) – it’s the kind of insouciant chic that I adore, and I love the shape of the garment, so easy-breezy, so non-conformist in every way! It’s the garment which isn’t trying hard but is individualistic. I also love the Sunshine on a Cloudy Day Jacket(by Nishka Lulla)- another simple, adorable piece of clothing, extremely versatile and a breath of fresh air! How would I wear these? I’d wear them everywhere! Layer ’em up, dress ’em down, the possibilities are endless!

  208. Pallavi at | | Reply

    I really love the WE ARE ELECTRIC CROP TOP
    Its totally my style – bohemian chic
    I would wear it to my guitar classes.

  209. Shazeen Masani at | | Reply

    My favorite item of clothing on Stylista is ‘The Final Cut Palazzos’ by Masaba. Not only is the garment extremely refreshing to look at, but also very versatile. The palazzos can be effortlessly teamed with almost any crop top, tank top or croptini in one’s wardrobe. The queen of prints has outdone herself this time. Perfect for a casual Sunday brunch or while a day out lounging on a yatch with the breeze in your hair!

  210. Kavya Seetala at | | Reply

    My favorite in Stylista.com is the ”Rinku Dalamal Party Starter Dress” because it is black plus embellished with stones and that means dynamism & playfulness to me and ofcourse I would wear it to parties.

  211. Paromita Chakraborty at | | Reply

    I love JEWEL OF MOROCCO KAFTAN DRESS by Tanya Sharma. Why? What’s not to love about the dress! Love the colours, the cut and the bohemian look that it instantly brings!

    I actually was looking for a funky dress in blue… to wear to my best friend’s destination wedding… on the beaches of Goa, themed ‘Flower Power”. This dress just fits the bill perfectly!

    Whether I win the contest or no, I am buying this dress!

  212. MG at | | Reply

    MY fav. is NIGHTWALKER DRESS,its comfortable for me to dance whole night in this one and it is black..my fav colour..i would wear it to the new year party..Fingers crossed :)

  213. Anamika at | | Reply

    I love Masaba and my favourite so far is the MAKE AN EXIT MAXIDRESS. I’ve always wondered if I am too old to want to wear a Masaba, what with all her amazing quirky prints. But If I win this voucher, I’ll get this dress and flaunt it. And I’ll knock off ten years

  214. Sheetal Chordia at | | Reply

    My fav at STYLISTA is PARTY SLEEP REPEAT DRESS – WHITE by Tanya Sharma. It’s chic, elegant and oozes charm!

  215. Keshica at | | Reply

    Hii, I’ve just discovered stylista and HHC and I must say, I’m addicted. I love everything about India. My fav pick has to be the FREE SPIRIT MAXI DRESS from Masaba Gupta, it’s so simple yet classy, I love it!!

  216. Jyotsna Nair at | | Reply

    I would wear the minimal white tunic with a multi-layered hem and full sleeves with tights to a evening out with friends. It is stylish and looks comfortable. It can be teamed with bright accessories to complete the look.

  217. Ribha Mehrotra at | | Reply

    The pacman print t-shirt “NOT JUST ANOTHER BASIC TEE – ORANGE” by Yogesh Chaudhary is my favorite!
    (or one of the favorites :-))
    I like the pacman print that gives it a cool & quirky vibe, plus the blue and orange color combination. I will wear it for a casual meet with my friends or while on a vacation – for some colorful memories.

  218. Neha Chand at | | Reply

    Hi. Masaba Gupta’s recent collection is my favourite from Stylista. Her new quirky simple chic look is ruling the charts of fashion. Definitely one of the most loved fashion designers among youngsters.
    There is an oddity and sense of innovation that is a virtue of Masaba’s collection. This oddity, this ‘quirkiness’, and this implicit need to be original and fun put together is what I like to call the ‘Quirky Collection’ by Masaba Gupta.
    It’s not about capturing any trend, it’s about creating and that’s exactly what she does. A sense of perfection in art and fashion. A roller coaster ride over a colourful rainbow full of pop, quirky, loud, tangy lifestyle products and fashion attire with a load of attitude and spunk is what my reason of loving and admiring her. She does justice to fashion statement in every way.
    Few of them which I really loved from her quirky collction are : Frills & thrills crop top, The final cut Palazzos, Truth or flare crop top, Make an exit maxi dress and the list simply goes on and on. I just love them all.
    Crushing over crop tops recently. Would love to win this giveaway. Keeping my fingers crossed.
    Lots of lovee.
    Thank you. :’)

  219. Ipsa Gupta at | | Reply

    because it’s perfect for a weekend party!

  220. Jaya at | | Reply

    My fav has to be the Good twos shoes dress in great-have been lusting at it for a while now on various ecom sites. It totally fits mt style and suit my body type. Its a perfect autumn dress and will wear it for a day out.

  221. Shreya Wagh at | | Reply

    Flutter & Flatter Jumpsuit
    Omg! I am totally in love with that jumpsuit!! *_* I LOVE Jumpsuits a lott!! They look chic and are very comfortable and can be wore anywhere let it be parties or work . And that Jumpsuit is definitely worth buying!! :)

  222. Monica Yadav at | | Reply

    I loved 2nd option because it is so me.Very simple and yet clasy and rocking.I can wear it to pool parties,brunch with friends etc !

  223. dolly at | | Reply

    My fav. product on ur site is – HOOK & LINE JACKET

    Winters are approaching and its the best product I can blindly bet upon to look amazing, provide warmth while catching all attention from my competitors, colleagues while cracking the deal in business meet ups ;)

  224. neha kapoor at | | Reply


    Wear this to tango your feet with your loved one in dance club, spread the magic of being naughty and hottie…bridging all the odd gaps ;)

  225. Mona at | | Reply

    I really liked Monica Dogra’s Angel Eye Floral Dress. It has a very “spring has arrived” feel to it and yet the colors are easy on the eye. I would pair it with a skinny belt, glares and wide brimmed hat and make it my favorite outfit for any outdoors event e.g. a sunny picnic brunch/lunch or a trip to the vineyard.

  226. krati at | | Reply

    Stylista is a paragon of haute couture.Though all its clothes are fashionable and excellent,but what intrigues me are its outstanding jumpsuits.

  227. Saachi Garg at | | Reply

    Winners plz..

  228. $ at | | Reply

    P&P winners name pls

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