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  1. Binerry at |

    Minimal and nice, I also like the black dress standing next to her

  2. Varsha at |

    Its simple and great looking on her.

  3. Bsimple at |


  4. racket at |

    Without the neckpiece and the untrimmed looking hair, maybe. But ain’t the dress a wee bit up? And the hemline kinda makes it look like a long Tshirt. No?

  5. Veens at |

    I actually like the dress on her.. and like the watch/


  6. PeachBellini at |

    looks like we’re growing up, are we?

  7. Adi at |

    she looks great! love the mustard color on her! and she looks so much nicer with minimal make-up!! beautiful!

  8. Anu141 at |

    LOOOVEE it.. this is the best dressed I have ever seen Tanisha look in reel or real llife); if she has been reading u’re blog P ‘n P… then I hope to see her explore her potential to dress better :-)

  9. anita at |

    think she toned up/lost weight or both..that or a simple wardrobe change can work wonders.

  10. Madhu at |

    Definite improvement.

  11. malini at |

    looking nice.. i love that her hair has improved as well.. it’s finally looking nice

  12. Surbhi at |

    sorry, but this looks like a nightie.. the only saving grace is the lovely jewellery..

  13. MM at |

    nice.. much better than when she tries to do deliberate glamor.. this is the first time i have liked her outfit.. usually both Kajol and she are screaming for fashion fixes..

  14. J at |

    It looks like she forgot to wear the bottom half of her garment. This is a long top, not a dress.

  15. BLT at |

    The dress is such a pretty shift, but the sleeves are too loose. :-/ Also, she didn’t have to wear that necklace to complete the look.

  16. pdaervo at |

    I HOPE SO!
    she looks great, and I love the necklace-very on trend
    I love shifts though, maybe she read all of those nasty comments over her satin debacle and decided to change for the better (or maybe she got a stlyist)

  17. suchi at |

    the peep toe shoes go well with the outfit.

  18. JJC at |

    she looks quite cute..and i like her neck thign too..she pulled it together nicely..

  19. Rashmi at |

    looks like she IS!! FINALLY!!!!

  20. moni at |

    Yellow Dress- C (Looks like my night T shirt)
    Jewelry – B (OK)
    Shoes – A (Much better than my crocks)
    Hair – B (just OK)
    Makeup -B+ ( pretty good)
    Overall – B+
    Attitude – A (As always)
    Effort – A (This is a big +ve change from what we have seen on her)
    OverALL – B+

  21. K at |

    The dress is fine…. quite an improvement! But Tanisha lacks the charm of her cousin and the confident spunk of elder sis. If only she could up these two things, anything can work on her imo because she’s a pretty girl!

  22. annie at |

    She looks gorgeous- I never thought Yellow and black could work together…unless you are a bumblebee :)

  23. anoo at |

    she looks cute….she makes yellow work…

  24. rumu at |

    she is looking very cute

  25. zanussi at |

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