Tarun and Malini at Jakarta Fashion Week


Day one of the 2009 Jakarta Fashion week ended with Indian designers Tarun Tahiliani and Malini Ramani showing with Indonesian designers Sebastian Gunawan and Priyo Oktaviano. While most of the time Indian designers show their just-shown collection at other fashion shows, for this event Tarun and Malini created a brand new collection taking inspiration from Indonesian culture and fabrics with the Indonesian designers doing the same from Indian culture.

Both Tarun and Malini stuck to their trademark designs but incorporated the traditional Indonesian fabrics with Tarun opting for the more heavy brocade silks and Malini going with light-weight fabrics like cotton with light embroidery in hers. More than our designers, I was blown away by the Indonesia designer’s collections. The attention to detail and silhouettes were far better. Of the four, I will have to say Malini’s was the one I liked the least. Your thoughts?

Tarun Tahiliani


Tarun Tahiliani Collection at Jakarta Fashion Week, Indonesia – India Fashion Night


Tarun Tahiliani Collection at Jakarta Fashion Week, Indonesia – India Fashion Night

Malini Ramani


Malini Ramani Collection Jakarta Fashion Week, Indonesia – India Fashion Night


Malini Ramani Collection at Jakarta Fashion Week, Indonesia – India Fashion Night

Sebastian Gunawan


Sebastian Gunawan Collection Jakarta Fashion Week, Indonesia – India Fashion Night

Priyo Oktaviano


Priyp Oktaviano Collection at Jakarta Fashion Week, Indonesia – India Fashion Night

Photo Credit: Daylife


  1. Actually, I find all of the collections except Sebastian’s equally unimpressive. His line is absolutely sumptuous. That’s the only word I can think of to describe the richness of his clothing.

    Although, to be fair to TT he’s produced FAR more impressive work in the past, created some ethereal gowns and saris. I suppose he was disadvantaged because he had to reference the Indonasian heritage which was unfamiliar to him. Malini Ramani never impressed me much anyway.

    I was just googling the Indonesian fashion week and I was interested to note that a lot of designer would present ‘muslim fashion’ which is more conservative.

    I think the fashion industry in India could cater to a much larger population if it had a few lines catering to women with conservative and traditional tastes, considering that these make up a large percent of India’s population. Take for example Sabyasachi. Price would still be a barrier obviously ,but whenever I read articles Indian designers say things like “my designs cater to the modern/ unconventional Indian woman” which strikes me as quite ironic since, except in Mumbai and Delhi, you hardly ever even see women on Indian roads in jeans and a tee.

    • okay not just mumbai/ delhi, pune and b’lore too, but still even in these cities a healthy percent of the affluent classes have conservative dressign tastes

  2. Tarun is the best! The Indonesian designers are good, but there’s too much happening on each model, so every element is fighting for attention.

  3. you are so right… both the Indonesian designers showcased much nicer collections.. and its not just the garments that were awesom .. i loved that they even styled them so beautifully and gave attention to hair and make-up and just as much…

    the indian designers failed miserably on both grounds.. malini and tarun’s collections were equally uninspiring (to say it VERY politely)
    Tarun is such a fab designer.. it breaks my heart to see him put up such a disappointing show.

  4. Most Indonesians are pretty familiar with bollywood, Indian clothing, SRK and kuch kuch hota hai. I see saris and scarves tucked in when I see Tarun’s collection.

  5. malini ramini’s collection is really blah. she’s more or less a socialite and bar owner who does this on the side to have something to talk about at parties.

  6. Malini’s collection is so jarring while Tarun’s collection so harmonious to the fabric.. complete opposites.

    I really do like Tarun’s Sari-gown look.

  7. I like the Tarun Tahiliani designs best, but he seems to rely on interesting drapes a lot, rather than creating an interesting silhouette. The last designer is also interesting but the designs are so busy without really being terribly endearing (to me at least). Malini Ramani’s things I think are kinda boring and blah.
    But is it just me or do the models look really petite? Like the first one, I think she looks great, since it’s hard to carry high fashion on a petite frame, but she looks really tiny! Not that that’s a bad thing, I’m petite too.

  8. Why isnt anyone not discussing about the poor quality clothes Indian designers churn out. Its is a disgrace that whenever you are buying anything you hav to check at loose sequins. the zips not working tacky elastic for straps. Even British highsteet is far mor better than Indian designers .

  9. Im indonesian and here sebastian is biggg, he’s a genius! his work somehow just merges indonesian aesthetics with western cuts. u guys r right his was the best.

  10. I need to google this Sebastian fella and see if I can afford anything! His sillhouettes are terrific.

    Priyp has good stuff that a store buyer for even a regular boring store like Macy’s will see selling like hotcakes.

    Do TT’s clothes have structure underneath or was it all drape?

    Malini is blah… as usual. Those are discount store looks.


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