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  1. Ann at | | Reply

    Tanya seems to have lost a lot of weight. Looks great now. Love the jewelry – Necklace, earrings and the bangle. But yes, she should have skipped that necklace. Color of the dress looks lovely on her.

  2. kanika at | | Reply

    really unflattering.. makes her boobs look saggy and abdomen look huge! the back looks good though. agree with the too much jewellery opinion! the key hole looks like it was supposed to end at the navel and cut too high.. not nice. also natasha in that stretchy balck semi see through boob tube gown is not a pretty sight.. why o why?!!

  3. Moji at | | Reply

    Ewwwwwww…the keyhole detail looks kind of cheap and tacky…dont like the gown either…In comparison Natasha looks great…Thumbs Up…..Love Love those neck pieces..: )

    1. Moji at | | Reply

      Just noticed..both the neck pieces r same…think they might hav got in Buy 1 get 1 free scheme…lol…

      1. Rock~n~Rose at | | Reply

        or maybe its a family piece which the sisters share?

  4. monika at | | Reply

    The gown is a sure WTHEYY for me. Horrible design & also so inappropriate for a wedding. It looks so ed carpetish.
    So is nude the new trend or is wearing a gown to an Indian wedding the new tend ?

    1. MojitoLover at | | Reply

      I guess Shilpa Shetty started a trend of sorts. Really, this shade of beige does NOT look good on Laila’s skin.

    2. Trisha at | | Reply

      Traditional for the wedding, gowns for the reception…sad, considering that we have such beautiful traditional outfits and with the gowns, there is far too much skin on show for what remains a sacred event.

      1. Chocolate Martini at | | Reply

        A lot of celebs featured show just as much skin in their saris as they do in their gowns. Also, the reception is not sacred/ ritualistic in the least, its more of a social occasion. I dont see why wearing a fown is inappropriate in the least, I just wish celebs wore less tacky gowns

      2. kasthuri at | | Reply

        agree with u !

  5. grozny at | | Reply

    the shape and cut of this gown is a complete and utter knock off of a Cavalli design. Cavalli did this a few seasons ago in leopard print! Exactly the same cut, drape , everything!

  6. karishma at | | Reply

    nude is so in right now. i think it goes well with south asian skin. the neckline would have had more of a visual impact if she hadn’t worn a neclace.

  7. Miss Anwar at | | Reply

    Dont like their gowns and jewellery,they should have gown inclusive Laila khan now Furniturewala for some traditional clothes instead.Have never seen Natasha in traditional clothes.

  8. Hema at | | Reply

    She has a nice back and that necklace does some good by taking away the focus from that God-awful keyhole in the front.

  9. Anu C at | | Reply

    Who are these people at Laila Khan’s wedding? And who is Laila Khan?
    Some very tacky dresses on display at this wedding, I must say.

    1. ak at | | Reply

      she is fardeen khan’s sister

      and speaking of tacky, it is amazing how an entire family (with the exception of a few) seems to have ultra-tacky taste, incl, the ones who are related by marriage…

    2. Sej at | | Reply

      Laila Khan is Fardeen Khan’s sister. Natasha is Fardeen’s wife and Tanya is Natasha’s sister.

    3. red at | | Reply

      Laila Khan is Fardeen Khan’s sister.

  10. Baby at | | Reply

    As much as the neck area is crowded with the necklace, i think it would be a tad vulgar without it.

  11. Chocolate Martini at | | Reply

    Its a risque gown but she has the body to carry it off fabulously. Given how OTT the gown is, I would have preferred elegant minimalist makeup and a sleek updo, and ofcourse the necklace HAS to go

  12. PG at | | Reply

    ewww. The white gown is horrendous! What’s up with all that ruching (leading to padded effect) on the bust? The necklace is lost in the mess.

    The necklace makes the black gown.

  13. pia at | | Reply

    THis gown was worn first by Natasha at the IFFA Awards 2 years ago!

  14. amber at | | Reply

    on trend? serioulsy?

    1. ramizi at | | Reply

      read my mind amber. On point = on trend.

  15. ash at | | Reply

    I’m hating this trend for wearing evening gowns to weddings – for a red carpet event fine, but whats the need at a desi wedding?!! It doesn’t even suit the ladys in question much and the kundan jewelery just looks ridiculous on western clothes. I say stick to what suits you!

  16. Chocolate Martini at | | Reply

    Its kind of funny how nobody seems to mind that the men in the prev post were in their suits (instead of kurtas), yet women in non-indian attire at the same event is considered occasion inappropriate.

  17. Bhavana at | | Reply

    why does wedding equal tacky?? i just don’t get it, do we still live in the 90s? does she not own a mirror?

  18. Fabulosity at | | Reply

    I have to say, I’m not a fan of either of the Madhvani siste’s dresses. They yell “tacky and unflattering.” That Kundan necklace is to die for thought, absolutely love it.

  19. eclat at | | Reply

    So much money, so little taste. One of life’s many unfairnesses. ;)

  20. ash at | | Reply

    please can you feature Suzanne Roshan at this wedding – she was wearing a gorgeous silk saree? – very unusual for her.

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