In Amy Billimoria


For her appearance at a recent event, Tanishaa picked a dress by Amy Billimoria, a designer she heavily favors. Between the early Nineties high side ponytail and the dress itself, we are hard-pressed to find anything likable about the look.

Tanishaa Mukerji In Amy Billimoria At Aldo-IIFA Event

Tanishaa Mukerji At Aldo-IIFA Event

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. Unbelievable! How can someone dress like that despite having all the help out there?
    It is too bad, the outfit, styling her body language…just about everything is wrong.

  2. She actually looked very nice at the Madhavan birthday bash. Such a 180 deg turn from that to this atrocity.

    I don’t think you featured that outfit did you PnP?

    • Yes I second that. She looked surprisingly good there after ages and her dress too was more interesting and fashion-relevant. So why use the look which is SURE to attract the brick bars?! Hmm…

  3. Her face looks very fresh & radiant despite the not so happening dress, she does look young & lovely for her age.

  4. More importantly, how does Amy Billimoria call herself a designer with these awful frocks she creates? I feel sorry for all her celebrity friends that get ridiculed wearing them.

  5. I don’t think it’s very nice to keep featuring her on this blog when you know perfectly well what the comments are going to be like. It’s like a sitting duck.

  6. While the outfit is a disaster, I can’t help but notice Tanishaa’s glowing, dewy there’s at least one positive thing to this look!

  7. Maybe with that hairstyle, she was trying to pull a Beyonce (from the Met Gala)… She over-estimated herself so much that I was reminded of Soha Ali Khan being chosen to host What Not To Wear… Laughable, to say the least!!!


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