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  1. savneet at | | Reply

    there’s no mention of tanisha mohan n where’s ritu beri’s pic???

  2. monika at | | Reply

    where is ritu beri?

  3. mrs M at | | Reply

    Hummmm….. Shame as some look fake…. And as for Ms Dewan… Wasn’t so long ago the guess bag collection was all the rage!!

  4. swati at | | Reply

    As much as i love the birkin, i get tired when i see a person carrying the same thing everytime …. shows a lack of imagination … there are literally thousands of fabulous bags and over a hundred of the so-called “it” bags …. when you have loads of cash to blow up, why not experiment … why stick to same old-same old…

    …….. oh! never mind – i am just jealous that she has half a dozen and i don’t even have one :)

  5. monika at | | Reply

    Love Tanisha’s collection….very nice. Also, like her dressing style….. Love the blue shirt paired with white jeans.

  6. Sonal at | | Reply

    why do these ladies keep the front latch open…is that the Birkin etiquette or just about giving it a personal touch

  7. Princess at | | Reply

    you know, i really don’t get the whole obsession with this bag…seriously, is it just a prestige thing coz the bag costs a gazillion bucks? The desgin is so so…There are better bags out there…I mean come on! Owning one or two is fine but to get a collection of the same darn thing in every colour is really pathetic!

  8. V at | | Reply

    PnP – Who is tanish Mohan and what does she do for a living??

  9. V at | | Reply


  10. Ann at | | Reply

    The bags r pretty!!! Envy her collection.

    But somehow they do not make a pretty picture as a whole.. not liking d pairing.

  11. anu at | | Reply

    Um… what skin is the third one? It looks fake….

    1. swati at | | Reply

      its a python birkin.

      fake or real – depends when the photograph was taken. hermes doesn’t use snakeskins for their bags …. or at least that was the case till last year. The spring 2010 collection was the first time (and the last, i think) they experimented with snake skins. the collection was out late last year … Maybe P&P can help regarding the time of the pic

      … seems like a fake to me though bec i don’t remember hermes doing this design even in the 2010 collection.

    2. vixen at | | Reply

      Its apparently snakeskin but it is a fake. Hermes doesn’t do anything in snakeskin not even special orders coz the scales don’t sit right n are difficult to maintain (I read that on the net) :)

  12. Karishma at | | Reply

    if i see another birkin i’m going to throw up

  13. appi at | | Reply

    personally i dont really understand all d hype over a birkin.i mean,admitted dat its a handmade bag an costs a bomb so its a gud way 2 flaunt ur wealth and it is made of rare leather and is very sturdy an all that is nice. but still its design is so boringly simple! having one for office use is all rignt, but i really dont find it red carpet material. and trust me, i dont say this out of jealosy coz i m soo not. i wud anytime prefer a LV or Gucci over a birkin.

  14. Tanisha mohan at | | Reply

    The snakeskin bag is not a birkin it’s a boutique bag with rhinestones it’s just a stunning bag with no brand at all

  15. jur802 at | | Reply

    Oops! The white denims are too tight in the WROOONG place! Do I see a camel toe … yikes!!!

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