1. Im speechless.. and I just dont get it. How on earth can she present herself this way? Any one with a somewhat stable state of mind could have prevented this disaster.

    Sometimes it is plain sad. These ladies have access to money, artists and the best desigers. And yet they fail over and over again.

  2. both tanisha and her sister kajol are total behenjis when left to their own devices. kajol has more of a requirement to look presentable and she does make an effort but is so uncomfortable, that its visible (re: recent vogue photos).

  3. Now…im trying to figure out what exactly she is wearing…. What is it ? i see gold pants, a pink overly embroidered chunni…and i think i see a kurti ? or a shirt ? wtf…how hard is to put together a nice outfit..which doesn’t make you look like a clown ? She is rich and has access to all the amazing designer clothes..n she dresses like this ? some people just annoy the shit out of me…and she is one of those…

  4. I think it’s kajol reception dresss…well the pics I doubt if they r available…but the way it was described in papers I think it’s same attire…

  5. I love Kajol as an actor. Both the sisters have very bad dress taste. In the recent times, she was wearing either red or black and simply horrible satins and velvets…..

  6. Sigh. Normally when I see an insane outfit on this site, I can somewhat understand what the wearer was thinking. Usually it’s just the mistake of wearing unflattering clothes, or trying to match everything. But this … I’m flabbergasted! Who could possibly think that this outfit was worth spending money on!?!

  7. i think she wanted to wear a churidaar kurta but her churidaar was burnt by the maid while ironing and she thought no one will notice the difference bwreen a churidaar and pants :) As for the shoes.. will think of a story and come back…. seriously, this is worse than wtheyy


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