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  1. FARAH at | | Reply

    really, u think so? i feel her entire look is quite well put together. simple understated yet quite effective!

  2. Ritu at | | Reply

    Wow – the python version runs into thousands of dollars vs $1500 for the one Queenie was carrying. The Deols must be doing well.

  3. Bsimple at | | Reply

    Love what she is wearing..and she wears it well! Chic-ness!

  4. tanha at | | Reply

    who is she

  5. pdaervo at | | Reply

    LOVE all of the individual peices, but that belt, as much as I love it, does not help her figure much
    hot bag

  6. Sweetz at | | Reply

    She looks prettier in real life I saw her shopping with Bobby and relatives in Singapore

  7. Surbhi at | | Reply

    Gosh! that lady is a mother of two..

  8. nik at | | Reply

    Tania looks great.. stylish without appearing like she is trying too hard..

  9. Adit at | | Reply

    She is lovelier in real life, but has also lost a lot of weight…so makes her skin look sallow…

  10. fuschiagirl at | | Reply

    She’s reallybeautiful in person. Looks great in the pic too she has that effortless style that is just inborn it seems.

  11. fuschiagirl at | | Reply

    She’s really beautiful in person. Looks great in the pic too she has that effortless style that is just inborn it seems.

  12. Trisha at | | Reply

    Little lady, big bag…and I am sure it is empty…

  13. ChaltaPhirta at | | Reply

    she looks the best i have seen her so far

  14. sim at | | Reply

    Just want to mention that she is the mother of 2 bosy one I belive is a teenager by now

  15. tricky at | | Reply

    have seen her and she is hot!bobby sure is a lucky guy.

  16. MP at | | Reply

    @ sim….LOL @ the teenager!
    Their first-born Aryaman was born in 2002 – it makes him 6 years old – he wont be a teenager for a while…

  17. MD at | | Reply

    Sunny’s boys r teenagers…off the topic has anybody ever seen a pic of Sunny’s wife Pooja!

  18. moni at | | Reply

    Does any body have pics of Sunny deol’s boys ? I heard one of them is joining movies. I suddenly feel old because Sunny used to be the young actor of our times.

  19. sim at | | Reply

    oops MP I think I messed up beween Sunny and Bobby I heard him talk about havin teenage boys at home in one of the interviewes ( I believe they are a joint family) so he must be talking about his nephew. Still she looks awesome

  20. michelle at | | Reply

    WOW, someone new to watch. she looks stylish and chic – and pretty to boot. P&P please keep an eye on what this lady wears for us! – no more “anu behenji” please

  21. Anjali at | | Reply

    Did anyone notice …. she is wearing the same ‘Loub’s’ as Nandita Mahtani :)

  22. Adit at | | Reply

    FYI, her father is a huge business man in Bombay and the girl was a real hottie when studying in Xavier’s…..very South Bombay to the manor born, so does not have to prove a point….

  23. Sue at | | Reply

    I know her personally..we went to Xaviers together and we all used to hang out in the same building in Cuffe Parade in B`bay when we were kids..As far as I can remember. Tania was a headturner back then and still is. She has always had impeccable style and sense of dressing..she is born with it..

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