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  1. Flower Power at | | Reply

    hate tanaaz’s black spaghetti top — like she realized too close to the party that the scarf dress was too revealing!

  2. Monika at | | Reply

    Tanaaz looks good but whats with the cami inside the dress! Thats just tacky and makes it more casual than it should be..

  3. saba at | | Reply

    uh oh…..i dun really agree infact i feel tanaaz is quite a whteyyy in the making……rajeshwari looks pretty decent in comparison 8(

  4. Anisha at | | Reply

    I wont go with ny1…coz there’s no need to…both r disasterous……hate that black inner that tanaaz is wearing….

  5. RB at | | Reply

    rajeshwari looks much more elegant and her dress is more streamlined. her sandals are not my 1st choice, they wud look better with skinny jeans.
    the scarf dress and vest looks odd and her curls are too babyish

  6. Melinda at | | Reply

    yeah, if i had to pick it would be tanaaz but not by that much, love her hair though

  7. K at | | Reply

    Tanaaz is better, yes, but I’d still over the fence on both. So ultimately, it’s a neither!

  8. AnnieS at | | Reply

    tanaaz’s blue dress is awesome but she ruined it by wearing that tank top underneath the dress. any idea whose the designer for tanaaz’s dress – want one like this!

  9. jiji at | | Reply

    Wow, Priyanka! i thought you would have gone with Rajeshwari on this one… apart from the shoes i think she looks classy and the dress is nice, as for Tanaaz, whats with the black boob-tube thing under her dress…! WTHeyy??

  10. krish at | | Reply

    dnt lyk either but if had to choose then Tanaaz looks better than rajeshwari…but wat is up wid the black tube top thingy under the dress….looks kinda wrong.

  11. Karishma at | | Reply

    Hey I saw the dress Rajeshwari is wearing in dress barn a few months back!!! Apart from the color though I think the dress could (and that’s a big could!) be cute on a much skinnier and taller woman.

  12. fab_femme at | | Reply

    although i don’t like either,
    i personally prefer rajeshwari… just wish she had worn better shoes.

  13. KK at | | Reply

    Who fares better?? – NEITHER!
    Too shiny!

  14. Megha at | | Reply

    definitely neither
    love that blue but the dresses are both super tacky

  15. Surbhi at | | Reply

    dont like any one of those dresses … and the flash on them just doesnt help

  16. Kimmy at | | Reply

    Ack, I can’t stand those pleated-style dresses! Just ugly! Not to mention the shade of blue is rather flat as opposed to being understated smooth. I’m going with Tanaaz by default because I can feel her pain of wanting to go all out on a dress, but the cups runneth over…therefore, what’s slinky and subtle on those A cups looks like total oversexed trash :(

    And yes, HHC, in case you were wondering, I am the occasionally bitter D-cup. lmao

  17. Divya at | | Reply

    I have seen the exact dress as Rajeshwari at the store Bizarre in New Delhi. don’t know if she bought hers from there.

  18. Lalitha at | | Reply

    Both are horrid outfits!!!

  19. natz at | | Reply

    both look eww!!!

  20. dee at | | Reply

    ok they both look bad!!! Once again be who you are !! Rajeshwari looks like is tryign to give herself a makeover ADVICE: get yourself a stylist !!! Tannaz could have looked better if she had left the back tube (or whatever it is ) at home , but at least she carries it better. Even i have seen that ugly dress in some store in Delhi, cant remeber which!! But its really tack and looks it!

  21. N at | | Reply

    It seems to be the dress that Divya pointed out (I’ve seen it too)- it was a nice silhouette and I loved the pleats, but the horrible shiny fabric totally put me off (and it should have put her off too). It’d be a cute party dress if it were in a nicer fabric, methinks.

  22. Kheerni at | | Reply

    Here is a question: what do you do with a dress with tiny and/or wide set cups? I have a dress like that – a casual cotton long maxi – and I can’t wear it because I don’t know what to put under it. Its a halter tie, so I tank would look silly I think. When I saw Tanaaz’ picture I thought the tube top inside works. But after reading these comments, maybe not. So then, what does one do?

  23. Sharin at | | Reply

    You don’t buy a dress like that. Sorry Kheerni, there’s no magical solution imo. I think the girl on the left looks so much better.. I found the black under the dress to be very tacky and horrible looking. The girl on the left looks a lot more put together.

  24. Ratan at | | Reply

    I don’t like either of them!! Rajeshwari looks like she just picked up a dress out of the many roadside shops like in Sarojini Nagar (Delhi). And her shoes – a silver atrocity!! As for Tanaaz, why buy a dress that you know would show off more skin than you are comfy showing, and then wear a spaghetti tank under the dress to hide what should not be shown!!! I had though people with easier access to stylists would have a tad more style sense than us mere mortals but I am now beginning to believe that we civilians learn from their blunders well enough to not require a stylist, thank-you-very-much!!

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