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  1. Taniya at | | Reply

    is it only me or any one else also feel that Tamannah resembles Shreya Ghoshal, each time i look at her i feel as if she is Shreya!!

    1. veenu at | | Reply

      me too! me too!

    2. G at | | Reply

      Same pinch :D

    3. jafar at | | Reply

      i also felt it…they resembles each other…and both are my favs too!

      1. amateurfashionista at | | Reply

        Agreed. Better version of Shreya Goshal. I am getting sick of this chick as she is in every Telugu movie released and Telugu people think she is a goddess. DPS has way better girls than her. I dont deny she is pretty but she is not awesomely stunning though.

  2. meria at | | Reply

    my vote goes to Priya! Tamanna is pretty..

  3. Srilalitha at | | Reply

    I just don’t care what she is wearing – I cannot get below the face… wow, wow

  4. Gris at | | Reply

    I like tamanna better … she is looking damn cute in that green top.

    1. mk at | | Reply

      priya is the one wearing the green top

  5. mk at | | Reply

    i think tammana’s outfit would have looked just fine if not for that necklace…it just looks so odd with that top

    my vote goes for priya….love that green colour

  6. chelae at | | Reply

    The lime-green top is from BCBG! I just spotted it yesterday -super cute.

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