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  1. $ at | | Reply

    From whatever i can see..dress look looks more dressy here

  2. Adara at | | Reply

    I think the lehenga though a bit gaudy works well on her skin tone. The dress is making her look broad which she is not.

  3. DramaMama at | | Reply

    Well, whenever there’s a face off between a Neeta Lulla and any other designer, the winner is always the other one. Unless it’s Nishka Lulla. Then the wearer is the loser.

    1. Melange at | | Reply

      +1 and LOL!

    2. Fergie at | | Reply

      Love it!

  4. Neharika at | | Reply

    She looks okay in both. I love the minimalist approach on the makeup and accessories.

  5. slc at | | Reply

    I much prefer the dress look but can’t fault the lehenga either. She looks really pretty in both. The more I see this actor, the prettier she gets.

  6. Fergie at | | Reply

    Hate the lahenga. The dress also seems unflattering – it could just be the picture.

  7. monika at | | Reply

    Very difficult to comment when one can hardly make out much.

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