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  1. sree at | | Reply

    I don’t think the top goes particularly well with the pants. I would’ve liked this look better with a different top.

    1. Adara at | | Reply

      Agreed about the different crop top! But she does look pretty . I just wish she works on her stance.

      1. gia at | | Reply

        erm, dont think her stance is the first of her problems!!:p seriously!

  2. f1lm1staani at | | Reply

    The combination is so wrong:/

  3. Hansini at | | Reply

    No no no only many levels. Sloppy styling.

  4. Hansini at | | Reply

    * on many levels*

  5. Bindas at | | Reply

    One word – terrible. Horrible pants, in my opinion.

  6. sukh at | | Reply

    i don’t know why Tamannah’s looks always seem unfinished and haphazardly put together. This is badly fitting, and what the hell is that weird pattern on those pajamas passed off as pants?
    Tamannah always confounds me because she has a good body, and wears age appropriate, fun clothes, but somehow never looks as good as she should.

  7. soni at | | Reply

    I like the look ..
    She could hv slightly reduced the length of the pants

  8. Garima at | | Reply

    She’s looking funny, especially with the upper print area of pants and the way she is standing.

  9. Sonal at | | Reply

    The top seems to be sliding down from the shoulders giving apprehension of some fitting issues.

  10. alti at | | Reply

    Tamannaah’s stylist seems to hate her and the world. Why else would he or she unleash upon us such horrendous outfit? This obsession with cropped tops has got to end. And the palazzos are not going to happen irrespective of how much some people try to make them happen. Awful!

    1. DramaMama at | | Reply

      This reminds me of the Mean Girls moment when Regina says “Rachel! Stop trying to make ‘fetch’ happen! It’s not going to happen!”
      As for the look, like I said before: at least it’s entertaining. The comments sure are :)

  11. RDM at | | Reply

    Even though the colors are summery – the look spells LOUD ..not a fan

  12. AnitatheFirst at | | Reply

    she looks silly in that outfit and soo stiff with the Posing..

  13. Venus at | | Reply

    Really badly stitched top , the fitting is all wrong, i cant believe u guys like this

  14. helen of troy at | | Reply

    this aunty sure works out! :D

    jokes aside, this is really not working on tamanah. her prievious look was more ‘her’. i feel bad for these actresses who need to try and be like everyone else when they really dont have the pizaz that some others do.

  15. tina at | | Reply

    Ew, she looks like she’s wearing a child’s top.

    When this is awful crop top trend going away?

  16. tina at | | Reply

    Also really tired of seeing this woman. Every other post is her and she’s no fashionista that she needs to be seen so often.

    1. Kay at | | Reply


  17. Fergie at | | Reply

    Those pants with that print radiating around the crotch area are an absolute eyesore…

  18. Jasmine at | | Reply

    I feel its her body language and self consciousness which makes this outfit a fail. Some people i can imagine pulling this off wonderfully. She tries too hard.

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