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    What is that dramatic look she is sporting? I didn’t like it. She looks like she want’s to scare with that eyes.

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      My thoughts exactly !!

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    Very interesting look. Love that Tamannah takes risks with fashion. She could have skipped the earrings and worn the skinny belt you describe, PnP.

    Wise of her to avoid a bold red lip. :)

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    Neck downwards it looks rather boring, with nothing to break up that expanse of cloth!

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    Not working on her. She lacks the spunk to carry off these kind of looks. The way she is holding her eyes open wide is funny.

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    How is this remotely designer?? The gown doesn’t even fit well!

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    She seemed to going for a monochromatic column, in which case the styling is spot on ! Pulling off a teeka and earrings without looking like a bride is the triumph here.

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    Gorgeous face and skin. The second picture where you don’t see the fit of the dress proper, she looks really good. The gown has fit issues especially at the bust which makes the look not quite.

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    Did she walk (the red carpet) like an Egyptian? Don’t like the dress much, the fit is off. But brave styling. Like someone mentioned though edgy doesn’t quite suit her. I still think she looks better here than some of her other ‘edgy’ looks. In a way I feel for her, try as I might I can never look edgy despite my best efforts. Some of us just ain’t got that androgynous look to carry it off. However what’s one to do? Can’t always wear the same stuff. In a way glad that she does take the chance.

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    I love it !!

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    Not feeling it!

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    love this edgy gothic style. she looks fab

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