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    so bad in so many ways….

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    the amisha patel style of draping..she just brings tacky to a whole new level..

  4. FashionVictim at | | Reply

    She should be arrested for insulting the national garment :)

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      Haha! So true…

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    OMG. this is crazy dressing. intervention needed ASAP.

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    ugghh….is she ever going to get it right? she always looks trashy..

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    What is wrong with her, doesn’t she look at herself in the mirror. Tacky blouse, but worse than the blouse is the draping of the sari. Cover up lady, you look desperate.

  8. Odelia Johnathan at | | Reply

    Why she has to dresses up in a very unfashionable way, so many times & so many occasions and especially sarees? She never fail to make her sarees & herself look cheap. Hope she check out herself in the mirror before leaving home in future or better still, get a good stylist.

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    Jeez! If she is so averse to draping the pallu properly, why opt for a saree at all? Why not stick to western mini or something & be done with ample skin show.

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    how to look cheap in a sari.

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    Sooooo Wannabe !!!!!!!!! Gross!!!!

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    I’m very confused re Ms Patel. On one hand, she carries Birkins and seems well traveled and then on the other she persists in dressing as street-walkier-in-Hindi-movies. Will the real Ameesha P please stand up?

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        totall agree

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    She just ruined a perfectly pretty saree. I am so tired of her boob shows. It’s infuriating.

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    No words. Actually, one word: terrible.

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    She takes tacky to the next level! You know she really is very pretty but I just don’t understand why she feels the need to show so much skin and dress so trashy!

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    Why ameesha… Why do u keep doing this to urself ,, u r a beautiful woman and that’s all I can say because every thing else is just making you cheap and desperate … Don’t people around her tell her ??

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    Its sad when a pretty saree and blouse (atleast the print) are turned to loook this bad. Only Amisha could show us how.

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    dear ameesha, not that i can boast of it, but the world is spilling over with wimmens with uber flat tummies, its really not a big deal anymore. just cover up, please.

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    crazy woman!

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    may be she feels to be considered a ‘hot’actor she has to show as much skin as she can, god forbid if she has to cover up, so what if its a saree. She can expose & she will!!!!class be damned

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    WTHeyyyyyy all the way!!! Ameesha buy yrself a mirror this Christmas!!!

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    Did Miss Patel watch Chameli on dvd before stepping out?

    1. Shalini at | | Reply

      You just read my mind! +1

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    OMG :-o

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    Okay, I get the sari draping — old habits la la. But why is the blouse falling off. For god sakes, woman, pull up the sleeves!

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    Yuck!is the only word for this look.

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    This women should be banned from wearing a saree.

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      She should be banned from getting out of the house!

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    She really is canvassing hard for all the tacky awards in the world!
    I can’t for the life of me understand why anyone would want to come out looking like this!

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    Aaaaaah! My eyes! What on earth did I just see???

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    Isnt there anyone in her circle of family /friends who cares enough for her to tell her this is wrong on so many levels ????
    This annoys me somehow!!

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