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  1. crab at | | Reply

    How is this woman 43?! Not a great saree but Tabu looks earthy and beautiful.

  2. Violet at | | Reply

    Not liking the hair. Should’ve braided it

  3. U at | | Reply

    Nothing Sabya about the saree. Looks ordinary. Love the clutch though. Tabu looks her elegant self

  4. Jyoti at | | Reply

    I would have liked to see a wee-bit bit of the blouse which would have given an edge to the saree which could have been worn pleated pallu. Hair parted in centre in a bun would have looked better with that Jhumka. Tabu, nevertheless, looks elegant as always.

  5. EK at | | Reply

    This outfit had so much potential, especially on Tabu but everything here was just ‘not quite’.

    1) The blouse should have been unembellished black silk.
    2) The saree needed to be an opaque black the the drape resting on the shoulder strap rather than so close to the neck.
    3) Love the black nail polish but the nails should have been shorter.
    4) The hair should have been a sleek low chignon.
    5) Smoky Eyes Lite with a deeper nude shade would have been much better with less emphasis on the brows. It would have continued to look modern and ‘lived-in’ instead of incomplete.
    6) Instead of the gold jhumka earrings, it should have been chandelier earrings with a gold cocktail ring.

    The lack of attention to detail is what killed this look!

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