1. OMG!!!!!! How absolutely amazing does she look! That gown is a winner and how! Very chic and different. Love that clutch too. The styling… Everything works. Fantastic!

  2. HOLY MOTHER OF GOD! amazing is the right word. she looks the best at this party. I couldnt stop chuckling especially after seeing the floral Ash cannes dress earlier. Fab colour… SUPERB! She looks 10 years younger too

  3. Oh!! Stumped over by her!!! What a gown! What colour! And the clutch too further complements the look! Perfect for the Red Carpet!

  4. Tabu is looking absolutely amazing. The color looks fresh n amazing on her. The clutch (also by Nachiket Barve) is stunning!!!!! LOve the whole look…. :)

  5. the color is fab and tabu looks good too but why is she always in over flowing stuff and maxis !!! needs a change !!!

  6. STUNNING! I was blown out of my mind when i saw the picture! Could not believe it was Tabu. I personally love Nachiket’s work and buy his clothes but this is an absolutely Wow!!! look.

  7. It is very modern, especially since i am used to seeing Tabu in a very “Arty Beheji” looks. The maxi does ample justice to her height and the colour is Wowsy… for me its a crackler

  8. Easily her best look ever! and also the best from this party for me so far from what i have seen… beautiful she is looking. very regal

  9. Bloody fabulous! i want to look like her at my age! beutiful gown. I am confused why some other were wearing such uncomfortable looking dresses to a party?!

  10. THIS should be at Cannes… not the weird funny stuff we are seeing! Send Tabu to cannes wearing this… he he!

  11. P&P, i follow your blog everyday to keep me posted on fashion and how real people [not models] wear clothes. Very few times, can i relate to style that i see myself wearing, being 41 and mother of two kids. This is a look that will suit any woman of any age! Kudos to tabu!

  12. anyone else remember the weird Rahul Mishra triangle dress she wore… was just remembering that and thinking so much matters on how the stars dress than just looks. this is fabulous.


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