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  1. $ at | | Reply

    Bad bad dress it is…looks like it got stuck at her waist or its like the pleats of saree/lungi.

  2. SS at | | Reply

    Cant look beyond that face. I’d given an arm and a kidney to look this good at 43. She needs some help with her clothes, but overall her charm, talent and grace are envy worthy.

  3. sj at | | Reply

    THAT face could launch a thousand ships. Wow!

  4. Fi at | | Reply

    Hahahaha that’s so funny.

  5. Emma at | | Reply

    That is one ugly dress

  6. Shef at | | Reply

    Yikes !! The gold detailing looks like fallopian tubes or something !! And the rest of the dress looks like ghastly draped curtains !! Everything about this dress is WTHeyyyyy !! :(

  7. whteve at | | Reply

    “V for Vagina” …ROFLLLLL

  8. NuttyNeha at | | Reply

    Hahahaha such a funny dress… But this woman is a beauty!

  9. saki at | | Reply

    i want to forgive tabu ANYTHING.

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