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  1. Sheels at | | Reply

    Nice to see Tabu, she looks lovely..

  2. $ at | | Reply

    Wow..tabu after so long !!! nice to see her after so long….baddd shoess…agree with you guys..rolled sleeves could have made a difference….anyways not fan of this dress…

  3. kasthuri at | | Reply

    This is the best and youngest she has looked in a long time ! Lovely to see her do casuals in something other than maxis.

  4. Meg at | | Reply

    She looks perfect. Love he dress and heels. She’s well maintained at 42, and it’s good to finally see her on HHC.

  5. Myla at | | Reply

    I always admire women of a certain age who manage to look fit and pretty and appropriate. (Malaika Arora comes to mind as someone who doesn’t) I think Tabu looks that and more. Love the color. Love the pony tail.

    1. Gaiatri at | | Reply

      Couldn’t agree more. It’s amazing how Tabu manages to look sexy and elegant without trying too hard.

  6. Rudra at | | Reply

    She looks nice…This dress is by Urvashi Joneja..

  7. Ena at | | Reply

    Nit-picking much?
    She looks lovely!

  8. Ann at | | Reply

    Casual elegance at its best! Age appropriately sexy( and I am not being ageist, since we are the same age!) without striving too hard…good to see her on this site…

  9. monika at | | Reply

    some makeup would have helped.

  10. Neharika at | | Reply

    Love it…She looks so chic..I wish we see more of her..

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