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  1. SMM at | | Reply

    Looks like she forgot to wear the churidars

    1. shwetha at | | Reply

      Plus one!

      1. PC at | | Reply

        + 1

    2. Saki at | | Reply

      i agree. it does not look so much as a dress as a tunic that should be paired with trousers of some sort. maybe the sleeve length is the problem, or how she has accessorized it. is the dress anita dongre?

  2. Sonam at | | Reply

    I think she looks nice and simple! The dress looks like a classic piece and is not too over the top, that’s it

  3. Adara at | | Reply

    She always gets this free pass of “she looks good in almost anything”. No, she does not. This look is seriously bordering wthey – ugly dress, shoes, make up. I now understand why she usually chooses longer gowns.

  4. Priya at | | Reply

    Looks good!! Wouldn’t change a thing.

  5. PC at | | Reply

    This is a horrible horrible look… very disjointed… the hair suits a traditional salwar kameez, the dress looks like a tunic without churidar and meant for just-out-of-school-yet-to-find-your-own-style kids, which anyway should have been 2 inches short. Close toed shoes would have been better! why the free-pass P&P?

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