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    Its not as bad as Raveena for sure. I dont think she looks too bad, maybe I’m biased because I absolutelty love her! But, seriously, I think she still looks fine. Not at her best, but definitely not a Wtheyyy!!

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    She doesn’t look bad, but not a combination to go for again. I loved her earlier Anarkali dress to bits, and am a huge fan too!!

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    In general I like the occasional long tunic or short kurti paired with jeans. But this looks like a dress worn with jeans! BAD.

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    Ahahaha….Is she wearing pig tails as well?! :D

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    I think she looks terrible, it fits her horribly.

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    HAHAHAHAHA she IS wearing pigtails o_O

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    I think it would still be ok if it were a dress. And no jeans plz

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    @pdaevo: thankoo for confirming! :D

    on a seond look, the dress/top could be from the clearance sale at charlotte russe! :D

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    D dress fits her nice….. d jeans ws nt needed, may be she wasn’t comfortable wid the dress on its own!!

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    oh boy and does she have to wear THOSE jeans :S

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    i think the pigtails and her make-up are all ok… its the light blue jeans and the bad shoes that undid the whole look…

    the tunic/dress with slim black pants and delicate sandals would’ve been a much better bet… esp with her gorgeous height :)

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    The making of a Fashion disaster:
    1) Tacky dress from a clearance sale with satin bib and ill fitted mesh sleeves: CHECK
    2) Ill fitting jeans which are so long that you have to fold them: CHECK
    3) Tacky salt and pepper shoes: CHECK
    4) Pony tails with bang on curls: CHECK
    5) Flashy, big cell phone in hand: CHECK

    Here you go, Tabu has filled all the pre requisites

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    poor tabu. those two ponytails should only be worn on a child below the age of 8. they make her look like she’s lost the plot. i hope she comes to her senses soon. she’s such a gorgeous woman.

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    erm…r u ppl sure those are pigtails? it looks like she swept two sections of her hair from above her ears and clipped them at the back…not the half up half down hairstyle..but something similar…hmm…wot say? and yes, she cud have done better …seems like she thot she cud pull off the dress top as a kurti or something..but it looks so weird!

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    oh my god……………..that hair style, its horrible. come Tabu, you are not 11!

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    lin…i think those jeans are kinda like those long 3/4s where that folded up look IS the style. lol

    and yeh, i agree with bsimple…they dont look like pigtails to me…they seem to be the swept back hair style that bsimple explained.

    but yeh, dress wasn’t that good, but would’ve fared much better without the shoes and the jeans. Maybe she just couldnt be stuffed shaving her legs? LoL…but then agian, she isn’t poor, she should’ve worn something else if that was the case! hehe

    BUT…i love her, so her prowess as an actor far outweighs any fashion blunders she may commit. lol

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    You know what I looked up the source and I think you are right …sorry!
    but anything that looks like pigtails is offensive enough
    sorry Saya! :(

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    Atleast she could’ve worn black skinny jeans with..whatever that thing is…a tunic?? a kurta or what????

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    If the jeans were long enough to cover her leg and the heel of her shoe, I think the outfit would work fine…A darker fitted denim…But the rest of the outfit seems perfectly acceptable to me..As does her makeup and hairdo…

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