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  1. Lalitha at | | Reply

    Errrr…loving the ring but there is too much happening on that gown. Between the oversized bow, embellishment, mermaid cut, etc….I’ve gone terribly cross eyed! Colour suits her though!

    1. Anya at | | Reply

      Oh no! I have to disagree. You’re right, there is a lot of elements that compete for attention but it somehow just works. So different to many of the evening gowns that we see on these pages, and it was styled so very well too. If anything, the hair maybe a tad bit too contrived.

      Otherwise, this is a win!

      1. BlueBells at | | Reply


  2. K at | | Reply

    She’s not able to pull off this dress.

  3. Hippie at | | Reply

    Like.it’s different from the usual gowns and dresses we get to see.But she is looking good.makeup and minimal accessories also helped the look.10/10

  4. Anya at | | Reply

    there are*

    Also, there isn’t too much happening to this gown. I mean, just take one glance at MM lehengas that actresses wear to award shows!

  5. ChutneyChameli at | | Reply

    I think the colour’s lovely and she looks beautiful.
    But the gown… like many commenters, I’m a bit confused too! Besides, I still can’t understand the reason behind the window blind like embellishment on the left side. Is it a bow tied vertically?
    I also like the jewellery independently, but I don’t think this was a dress for silvery pearl jewellery.

  6. Anoushka at | | Reply

    i think she’s looking really bad.

  7. Supriya Mimani at | | Reply

    Hideous dress that is! The bow looks so funny! Plus the work in the center is way too tacky. But yes the color does suit her a lot

  8. ohmy at | | Reply

    The creeper embellishment was totally not necessary for this great gown!

  9. Desimom at | | Reply

    Love !!!!

  10. Avani at | | Reply

    Color is nice. The ring is very pretty. The gown is quite weird and not sure what’s going on with the fit.

  11. PB at | | Reply

    This dress just look so contrived

  12. For the love of life at | | Reply

    Ugly gift wrap look. Yikes!

  13. ZA at | | Reply

    Oh lord, what is this? Nothing is working… Nor the color, nor that floral detail, nor the triple(double?) hoop bow, nor the mermaid finish! Weirdest dress gown ever.

  14. Jeet at | | Reply

    A very cheap copy of Ralph & Russo Spring/Summer 2014 Couture Collection

  15. KK at | | Reply

    Oh God! She looks like a sweet sixteen’s birthday gift.. complete with pink wrapping paper and an oversized bow to decorate her! One of her not-so-best sitings!

  16. Icey6 at | | Reply

    I think the gown is interesting and unusual, but she doesn’t pull it off. You need someone like Charlize Theron in this. The dress is too long for her, and the big hair is making her look more petite. She could skipped the earrings and ring and let the dress take center stage.

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