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  1. monika at | | Reply

    Love this colour on her!! & the pink sandals look great

  2. kajal at | | Reply

    Love the contrast between the outfit and shoes. The clutch was not needed.

  3. neha at | | Reply

    ummmmm whatever !!

  4. Trupti at | | Reply

    I think the length of the peplum could be much shorter. And the side braid doesn’t work well with this whole ensemble; a side knot perhaps, or a messy bun would’ve looked nicer.

  5. Neharika at | | Reply

    I dont think the braid works…but the outfit itself is good and pink goes well with the yellow..She looks good

  6. Amodini at | | Reply

    She looks good – one of her rare good looks. I hope she keeps it up.

  7. Ladygaga at | | Reply

    This look screams all kind of BORING

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