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  1. pettyfogger at | | Reply

    I kind of like the dress! Model looks extremely hot in that. Not sure why Susanne’s neckline is comparatively lower, it doesn’t look like it’s helping her at all. Bad photos or not, I doubt she would pull this dress off. Neha Dupia for sure will (she came to my mind right away when I was thinking of someone who will rock this look).

  2. Tammy at | | Reply

    She is not a Ms. but Mrs. I suppose.

  3. Anu at | | Reply

    This dress might be ok for an all night partying…but its a tad to risque for prime time Indian television with the amout of leg she is showing! Ouch!

    1. suchi at | | Reply

      agree! low neck, short dress, exposed arms, a bit much i think

    2. sri at | | Reply

      have to agree..she looks like a cute little barbie doll but tries to dress sexy or hot with tight bustiers and such edgy dresses. not suiting her. she needs to work on the image shes potraying.

      1. aalia at | | Reply

        with su its a mix! she has worked hard at toning her body and she looks great for a mum of two who married to the hottest star in india. she fits the bill
        but u have to limit urself- either wear a low neck nd keep the rest covered or wear soemthing short. thus dress is a mess as she is exposing too much all at once
        as she is in an interview and is waving arms etc, the neckline falls low which it wouldnt do normally, but the dress is just too short. if just the arms were the focus, it may have saved this rather abysmal outfit

        1. sri at | | Reply

          from what ive seen her, shes naturally thin and delicate! im sure she doesnt have to work hard at toning her body. afterall shes not in the movie business like her hubby

    3. genie at | | Reply

      huh? did u guys happn to watch Priyanka on KWK!!..she was over exposed…and dress no less than a lingerie.

      compared to her…susanne is much better!….’compared’ is the key word

  4. oshoriri666 at | | Reply

    not a nice dress at all

  5. radhika at | | Reply

    yes, a terrible dress.

  6. apsara77 at | | Reply

    this dress just doesn’t look good sitting down..i know that sounds wierd but having seen the promos of KWK, the dress just seems to fall awkwardly on Suzanne.

  7. Soho at | | Reply

    color is great, and looks great on the model…but on Sussanne it somehow looks like she was chased by ruffians or dogs on her way to the show and she landed up falling and tearing her clothes in the process)

    1. Nandso at | | Reply


  8. dahlia noir at | | Reply

    wayyyyyyyy to short.

  9. kasthuri at | | Reply

    the dress looks fata (purana – maybe not). Its so short that i am thinking lingerie rubbing with leather couch is not a pleasant feeling. That plus low neckine and torn sleeves..not suitable for this show. Perfect for a night out like someone said earlier.

  10. Sud at | | Reply

    Ohh God!!…. that okayish dress or whatever looks even more awful in the pics… as if the sleeves are torn cos someone pulled them!!!

  11. SLC at | | Reply

    Forgive me for being modest, but that is a very short dress! Desparately needs bottoms of some sort. Mrs. Roshan normally has very good taste and this one disappoints.

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