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  1. kara at | | Reply

    The skirt is average, the blouse is average, the purse is horrible and the watch doesn’t belong with this ensemble. Yet the overall look isn’t that bad.

  2. Iris at | | Reply

    and how can you overlook those black shoes??!

  3. Sam at | | Reply

    Sussanne disappoints here
    just when you think she will get it right, she gets it all wrong. what the model is wearing needs height to look elegant . sussanne is smalish in body. yet still she has a long neck and can get away with it but the mish mash she is dornning looks like aa traditional table cloth and a 60s blouse = not cool
    white suites her though – but I wish she could spend some money on learning style.
    her clutch bag is ok but I wish she had shoes to match rather than the glossy ones – that whole look is not glossy so why the glossy shoes? beats me

  4. karishma at | | Reply

    sussane looks like a big doily.

  5. Ramya at | | Reply

    I like the skirt and the accessories go well with it, but the top spoils the entire look.

  6. SeksyAngel at | | Reply

    Love it all!!! Elegance personified!!

  7. The Mad Momma at | | Reply

    the whites don’t match which is the worst thing. she should have just gone with another colour instead of trying to force the two together.

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