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    Really Vogue has done a cheap work this time…The photoshop-ed pics so much that can’t find the lovely ladies.. That’s unfair with Gauri & sussanne..Had not expected this from vogue. sussanne has such a glowing skin which looks dull & black N when talking abt gauri… i can’t find 2 cent of these girls… here

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    This should have been a Society cover ! So basically this shows that in India that everyone has to really stoop down to Bollywood to sell their magazines regardless what genre they belong to…

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    I agree, this cover is not a Vogue cover.

  5. Inihos at | | Reply

    This is just not worthy of one of the most important fashion magazines in the country.

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    Stop with the photoshop!! What a boring cover. Wish Vogue India would push the envelope a bit on its covers and quality of pictorials.

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      yessss!!! hope they stop photoshopping everyone!! it’s getting to be so annoying!!

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    With the amount of photo shopping, the ma should be called “Vague” in terms of semblance to self. They’ve been modified to look like stunners in their late 20s, SO very very far from the truth. Tut tut, Photo shop is a terrible tool.

    1. Jay at | | Reply

      LOL @ Vague comment! sharp!

      And yes..totally agree with everyone. Su is so fair and Gauri so dusky yet they look the same tone here…!

      That said – Gauri should have been an actress!

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        lol…. @ “VAGUE”

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    I like the picture..maybe not worth a cover.. but something different about seeing these two women smile & carefree.. which is so unlike their usual sightings..usually they just look a bit PO !!

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    The cover is gorgeous! But I do have to ask this: photoshop much?

  10. Honey at | | Reply

    Too random for my taste. And yes, everything need not be Bollywood-ey/Bollywood-adjacent, really.

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    Catastrophe. Why is vogue trying to stuff bollywood into mainstream fashion? Vogue is a fashion magazine. It isn’t stardust or femina. God.

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      They are on the cover because Gauri has just launched a new line in Suzanne’s couture furniture store, the charcoal project. So it’s an inside story on the store as well. It’s not always about bollywood just because of who their husbands are.

  12. nee at | | Reply

    the carefree vibe is great……but the photoshopping just spoils it….

  13. Sam at | | Reply

    I’d be the first to agree that vogue has done its worst ever cover here. too much edditing making it look like the women are not worht a cent in their natural avatars. But people need to understand by now not to associate what suzanne does with BOLLYWOOD!! she is not in the intertainment industry but DESIGN/business industry. Vogue or any other mag are right to have them on their cover. I only wish vogue chose grey colour pallate over blue to go with the pink. otherwise the cover looks less serious and unlike vogue

    1. Aditi at | | Reply

      shes not famous for her design business. shes famous cuz shes the daughter of a bollywood star and married to a bollywood star.

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    Suusanne’s pose is the most hilariously uncomfortable fake-casual on a magazine. If that is actually her – we kind of have to take Vogue’s word for it.

  15. mystry at | | Reply


    That aside…..they look so “ashy”! All thanks to photoshop!

  16. Shivangi at | | Reply

    Photoshopped much, not worth discussing too!

  17. Anita M at | | Reply

    I am with you Priyanka, I understand why you don’t think it’s Vogue-worthy. It’s way too casual, not a classic beauty shot Vogue cover. Having said that, it’s kinda fun and flirty, obviously different, I really like it. But then, I love both Gauri and Suzanne, so I might be a little biased here!

  18. fashionAce at | | Reply

    love the women looking relaxed, smiling and cool.

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    Not feeling it, if they were random women then ok maybe they are pretty. but over photo shopping is so not coooolllll.

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    Stupid poses and boring dresses…

    1. rhu at | | Reply

      :P exactly

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    S is posed really awkwardly

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    Agree that they both look very different…Photoshop yes, but it’s also the way they have posed and their smiles and their hair (Susanne’s is always an ugly orangy-brown and Gauri’s been wearing the same hairstyle since ages)…well, I sort of like the ladies here :)

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    This is hilarious for words…not looking this at all.

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    Their faces look so plastic and unilke them – thanks to photoshop

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    The star wives trying to out-do Priyanka? (and failing miserably at it) Sorry but just being beautiful doesn’t make you cover worthy. There’s such a thing as elegance & poise. Both look lost!

  26. Ritu at | | Reply

    Both at their worst till date….. The overtly made up n photoshopped look!!!…… Its making them look like they hv been sick for quite some time.

  27. Aditi at | | Reply

    that must b the WORST Vogue cover ever! but IDK y evey1 is blaming Vouge. like yes they r 2 blame to some extent, but lets not forget they are married to celebrities, not actresses or models themselves. They probably just didn’t know how to pose. And I feel like these are two separate shots put together. Notice how their hair is flying in different ways.

  28. Yama at | | Reply

    It’s amaturish , the styling is horrible the photography is not cover worthy and nor is the picture. Vogue seriously needs to look into who chooses their pictures. Inside and out.

  29. Ram at | | Reply

    I think Priya needs to take permanent off, it was a very weak issue , with nothing special. And for gods sake anaita needs to be the main stylist. The cover was horrendous.

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    Where in the world would vogue have a cover like this ? Terrible, and please replace the person who chooses the pictures! They were just plain unflattering.

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    I think they both look great. Especially like that they have darkened their hair color – hate those horrible orangy shades the bollywood types seem to love.

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    Why must Vogue change every person into some barbie like character when they are perfectly attractive people! Both of these women don’t have excess fat in almost any part of their bodies, they don’t need elongated faces….so FAKE!

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    Vogue ran out of ideas! so these two seemed safe choice.
    they may have their design collections etc but they arent as known for that as they are for being star wives.

    Vogue – if u were made to have these pictures on the cover, at least make it live up to your rep. you are VOGUE not FEMINA

  34. Food poisoned attorney at | | Reply

    Thats a terrible cover for a top fashion magazine but the ladies are looking nice.

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    When I got to know that these two ladies are gracing Vogue cover, I was honestly expecting a classy fabulous one! Disappointed.

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    Photoshopped. Instead of looking good, they look plastic.

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    lusting after Sussane’s shoes :)

  38. amit at | | Reply

    awful cover

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    ok so they have added 40% penelope to su”zane and 30% sridevi to ghau”ri photoshopping can be horrible is an experiment successfully exhibited by vague !

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