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  1. ms. meow at | | Reply

    Actually I feel just the opposite. Do not like colors on the dress, but digging the sandals!

    1. monika at | | Reply

      Me too. Very nice shoes.

    2. Nidhi at | | Reply


  2. Z at | | Reply

    i think she looks nice….u know P&P I think its time we saw how you dressed and see how much better you fare than the ppl you criticise!

    1. Kay at | | Reply

      I agree Z

    2. Chocolate Martini at | | Reply

      I agree, its rather hypocritical that you make (sometimes harsh) judgements about the way people dress on a very public forum, and yet are so protective about your own privacy that we dont even have a single proper photo of either of you. Especially considering that a LOT of socialites, who are not really public figures are featured on this site by the two of you.
      Im not asking you to post pictures of everything you wear, but having atleast face to associate both your names with would be really nice, the way journalists have photos of themselves in their regular columns.

      I do love your blog, and the fact that both of you put so much effort into it, I’m not trying to insult you, just pointing out that its a bit of a double standard here.

    3. Imli at | | Reply

      This has been suggested by so many people! Come on P’n’P…..we DARE you.

      1. Sabina at | | Reply

        yyessss!!! pictures of you guys would be good…..we PROMISE to be nice!

      2. Nidhi at | | Reply

        I agree wid choclate martini…but I am not tryingto judge PnP ur judging sense …I only feel bad u’ ll r biased …ultra biased …really bad …come on girls high time leave ur personal grudges aside n be fair on ur blog…that’s the main reason why people doubt ur dressing sense…u r doing good job …try to keep it up

        1. deewani at | | Reply

          I agree..P&P treat others as u want to be treated..now if u criticize other ppl and they’re fine with it..then why can’t u be fine with ppl criticizing u?

  3. RS at | | Reply

    She really needs to put on some weight before she disappears.

  4. Kanira at | | Reply

    I’m LUVIN those shoes!!!

  5. paYal at | | Reply

    I love those sandals..especially on her!

  6. Sej at | | Reply

    Dom’t like the dress but that’s not the issue – a glowing face and some great hair could work wonders for a bleh dress but that isn’t the case here at all.

  7. MojitoLover at | | Reply

    Nice shoes, nice dress. But the two don’t go together well.

  8. princess_sim at | | Reply

    I like it. Think she looks hot! :)

  9. purple at | | Reply

    I seriously think its an upgrade from the first time she wore the dress. In fact her darker brown hair colour is so much nicer. Come on guys, give credit where its due.

  10. madiha k at | | Reply

    i luvvvv the shoes as well !!!!

  11. bongbabe at | | Reply

    my eyes got stuck on the giant butterfly on the jacket lapel to her left. hai bhagwan.

    but yes, like the dress and like the shoes.

  12. Laveena at | | Reply

    I love the blue sandals with that dress, adorable :)

  13. Kiwi at | | Reply

    I do not like the dress as much as the sandals.. lovely colour and perfect for summer

  14. star at | | Reply

    Its a beautiful dress and blue shoes are perfect with it..love the whole thing…glad Suzanne is getting back in form..the last appearance was disappointing.

  15. Shivangi at | | Reply

    I love the combo too

  16. Mohit at | | Reply

    She’s a stunner…..and i give you 10/10 for the coverage….awesome work keep it up.

  17. meria at | | Reply

    love the dress n the shoes

  18. Gossipgirl at | | Reply

    i dont think the dress fits her too well- am i the only one thinking this? it’s a little strange on the top…

  19. annie at | | Reply

    Love the shoes!!! They add the pop of color needed.

  20. charan at | | Reply

    the dress is very gray and the shoes are adding nice colour. And the shoes are not overwhelming that the dress, so you still focus on the dress and the fit.

  21. shruti at | | Reply

    Hey Z,

    Don’t criticize PnP please; this blog is totally awesome! If you disagree with their viewpoint, you should either a. stop visting this blog or b. start your own one where you can voice your own opinion. PnP rocks methinks.

    1. annie at | | Reply

      We all have our own opinions and I’m sure PnP know that already. This blog is not about everyone agreeing with the views expressed by PnP because otherwise not many people would visit this blog. My favorite part is reading other people’s opinions!!

    2. meria at | | Reply

      i totally totally agree wid u

      1. deewani at | | Reply

        agree with annie.. we should voice our opinions even if they differ from P&P..else we’ll all ‘desi gals’ would have the same style..not good I say..not good..

  22. Saya at | | Reply

    I do like the blue sandals and she does look better than her previous appearance. But i think she should invest in some good support for her girls. :D

  23. star at | | Reply

    Don’t think Z was criticsing here..I love this blog too..but like all things in life its not perfect..doesnt mean someone cant voice their opinion or the alternate is leave and dont come back!!..am sure P&P themselves appreciate constructive criticism!

  24. Moi at | | Reply

    I disagree!!

    I love ankle strap shoesss..they are soo hott!!

    But it’s not fair that because the owners of the blog do fashion critique, they need to put up their pics!! Everyone has a right to privacy!!!:)

  25. rushil at | | Reply

    lusting for the dress! MAJOR!

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