Back In Black


Ms. Sen unveiled 20 new contestants for the I AM She Pageant in Mumbai today in a black lace full-sleeve dress with an asymmetric neckline.

As exquisite as the lace dress was, the sweetheart neckline slip killed the entire look. We didn’t like. You?

Sushmita Sen Unveils Top 20 Contestants for I AM She Pageant

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. Actually if anything kills it for me it’s her forced pose – in this and her previous appearance that was posted. I love the natural @ ease Sush – she can even pull off an ugly curtain then.

  2. I think her eyebrows make her look evil. The dress looks tacky and inexpensive, and yea its probably because of the neckline and the lycra’esque fabric

    • and the forced pose and the same ole hair (gorgeous hair though) and the same ole smirk and the color…sigh

    • GIVE ME A BREAK…!!! her eyebrows are the most stunning part of her body……it looks totallt stunning and unmatchable…these types of eyebrows r very rare…i luv those n everybody else does…!!!!


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