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    i’m not a big fan of the dress. but i think that’s the best she looked in a while… so thumbs up

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    My eyes, my eyes !! That is one ghastly dress.

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    Different and interesting look..after a long time sush in gown

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    She’s put together a polished look after a long time. She looks good

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    Not a big fan of the gown but she still looks like a total diva! Gorgeous and well-styled.

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    Slightly Penguin-y but she still looks very nice indeed

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    Batwoman on the prowl!

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    Beautiful lady! Bad Choices!

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    I have always felt that black, despite being a safe colour, is totally Sushmita’s colour! Here in this dress, waist up, she looks gorgeous! She’s glowinggggg!!!

    Waist-down, there’s a huge problem with the dress.

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    Now you know why such experiments dont suit everyone except to Sonam! Sonam has the grace and poise to carry even this kinda dress even though it may seem to some that she is trying too hard!

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