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  1. blinkandmiss at | | Reply

    Love the way her smile lights up the room!

  2. anou at | | Reply

    sushmita looks stunning as usual however the red outfit resembles a tomato. and the heavy texture gives it a suffocating feeling.

  3. Iris at | | Reply

    anyone else this looks like the dress Scarlett O’Hara fashioned out of her velvet drapes? like her, Sush is such a diva — but that hand-on-heart pose is still straight out of 1994!

    1. Lulu at | | Reply

      Right said!!!

  4. angl at | | Reply

    the ONLY person in the industry who can make an outfit with that much velvet on it not tacky. there is something different about sushmita’s persona that everyone else lacks. the warmth in her smile, her poise is always such a pleasure to watch.

  5. bongbabe at | | Reply

    gasp! how beautiful and elegant does she look? wow.

    (hideous outfit by the way. ban anarkalis. and ban velvet.)

  6. MSR at | | Reply

    she looks soooooppper duuuperrr good…
    I just loved her overall look here

  7. Ashoo at | | Reply

    wooooooooooooooooooof . . . m so very happy to see her in sum good ethnic clothes . . . she looks yummy , red iz so much her colour n that elegance , grace exuberance n personality . . . now pls dreSs up in a nice sari also sush . . . :)

  8. omg at | | Reply

    how lovely does she look you ask?

    not much at all

    1. mary at | | Reply

      I know she is one of the few people who can make everything and anything work but her face looks weird. It certainly doesn’t look like the sushmita I know and love.

    2. sabrina at | | Reply

      stole my words.

  9. StilletoGal at | | Reply

    She can definitely look better in a knee-length dress of the same color…

  10. rushil at | | Reply

    god! she looks so stunning! totally love the colour!

  11. KK at | | Reply

    Beyond gorgeous! LOVE IT!

  12. SxD at | | Reply

    Her name…Ms.G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S
    I absolutely LOVE her…and her attitude and confidence shows on her face!!!! What a lady!

  13. dn at | | Reply

    She looks great even in that velvet mess. Nice colour, suits her well.

  14. charan at | | Reply

    The suit might not be my favorite but she makes it work. She is tall enough to carry anarkalis which usually has the petite ones drowning in.
    Its nice to see colours on her and it makes her look more beautiful than she already is… so yaayyy for trying colours sush!

  15. Faiza at | | Reply

    she loooks so beautiful. there is a special glow on her face. love it

  16. saristyle at | | Reply

    how beautiful this woman is ?

    if i was a boy i would so go week on knees for her… ;p

  17. SushiQ at | | Reply

    What a beautiful woman! I really didn’t look beyond her face. It exudes confidence. And that smile….it sure does come from her heart.

  18. eclat at | | Reply

    So it’s a “fashion” blog for some, and a “looks” blog for others? “Smile”, “attitude”, etc are used as apologies or exceptions, only for this lady. Anyone else in this outfit, and it would have been dumped on so bad, looks or no looks (which, by the way, I don’t think she carries off).

  19. Smitha at | | Reply

    She looks positively radiant!!

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