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  1. Jyoti at | | Reply

    OMG how is this woman single is BEYOND me? Or maybe she isn’t and I am living under a rock

  2. Nisha B at | | Reply

    She and Lara Dutta oozes confidence each time they appear which make them look more beautiful..They don’t make beauty queens like them anymore..

    1. Tamanna at | | Reply


      1. rhutz at | | Reply

        + 1

  3. apsara77 at | | Reply

    She looks SPECTACULAR!!! She’s just one of those people whose amazing personality shines through even more than what they wear and in this case, since she’s wearing a dress that shows off her in the best light, she looks even more insanely amazing!

    1. Cremedelarem' at | | Reply

      +1 :)

  4. Paroma at | | Reply


  5. tosh at | | Reply

    whaaaa??she looks bloody good!! whats the secret gurl??

  6. L at | | Reply

    She may have been crowned 18 years ago but I just cannot see beyond her. She is sooooo stunning always!

  7. Inihos at | | Reply

    Good God! She looks magical…

  8. Tamanna at | | Reply

    S-H-E I-S T-O-O G-OR-G-E-O-U-S!

  9. Shina at | | Reply

    Sushmita sen looks stunning.Good work.

  10. Food Poisoned Attorney at | | Reply

    She looks amazing!!! So statesque, they should send her again to the pagent:)

  11. SushiQ at | | Reply

    OMG! Sush as we knew her is back! She has lost oodles of weight and that takes several years off.

  12. Srilalitha at | | Reply

    Damn, she looks gorgeous!!!

  13. Ashoo at | | Reply

    Oh my my . . . she looks smokin !!!

    Am sure have seen her walking the ramp in this very gown at Blenders show I believe. She doesnt look a day over 30 !

    I so wona see her kickin some serious butt in a movie now . . .

  14. Slc at | | Reply

    Oh my, she looks stunning. Love her smile as well.

  15. angl at | | Reply

    I agree. None of the contestants, despite being much younger than Sush, must feel up to par when they have someone like Sushmita around. She just has this indescribable “aura” around her that even comes across in pics.

  16. diva at | | Reply

    Looks amazing, but probably still should have worn Spanx as you can see the outline of her belly button in the first pic!

  17. Sruthi at | | Reply

    Wow. She looks GORGEOUS. None of the current pageant girls have the grace or beauty she has…

  18. Sonal at | | Reply

    how fabulous is this woman! don’t make them like her too often

  19. Ahot at | | Reply

    I just don´t like theway the fabric folds. It takes away from the look, & makes the dress look too tight for her, which is not the case.

  20. Honey at | | Reply

    Let’s save the money we spend on pageants and send her again to the internationals, shall we? So much simpler!

    1. Kristina at | | Reply

      Not being Indian I can’t commit realyy but if I were I certainly would! She works the gown for sure. I especially love the hairdo, quite different from what we’ve been use do seeing, perfect.

  21. nadia at | | Reply

    Very pretty

  22. Nupur at | | Reply

    Gush alert: That smile :). She just owns the room!

  23. jdil at | | Reply

    I really want to know how she loses so much weight so quickly? But last time she looked like this, she didn’t maintain it. I just want to know how she does it being a single mother of two!

    1. The Mad Momma at | | Reply

      Might have something to do with the fact that she didn’t give birth to either so didn’t put on the weight that say Aishwarya or Shipa have? Hence no need to lose it. That and the fact that most moms at that level can afford fabulously well trained nannies etc.

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