1. I never have anything bad to say abt Sush no matter what she’s wearing coz I can never look beyond that stunning face. unfortunately, in these pix she looks tired and old beyond her years. i am betting she was either sleep-deprived or sick or jetlagged. very unlike her to look this fatigued.

  2. It’s not as bad it’s made to sound. I’ve seen far worse on this site. Wish it wasn’t the whole see through deal though. Not a fan of that.

  3. I am not in agreement with your feedback. The top is quite alright and chic. What exactly is tacky about the blouse? Is it that her bra is showing? Other celebrities have exposed more than this while in sari.

  4. I actually don’t think that the top is that bad,what’s wrong in wearin somethin if u r confident of yourself.Anyone can look good in a perfect dress but lookin gorgeous in not so perfect dress is the key.I love her here,she looks absolutelt stunnin

  5. Blue, sequined, ill fitting, see through top with blue denims?! Match much? Also, she has her arms folded across her belly as if she is trying to preserve her modesty in that see through eye sore!

  6. for someone with the new smokin hot body that she has now..shes actually looking much bigger ..she been looking great lately..wonder what happened here?


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