1. she looks very nice & the color combo also looks good.
    not liking the front ‘fan’ thing,the gathering of the grey material.

  2. She’s lucky she’s got a great bod. else i was gonna b**ch like loca! but all imma say is loose the gray overlappin fabric..not like the yellow does wonders to her but again she’s got a great figure so that kinda makes up for it!

  3. 10 points for bringing in some color..good on you sush! also minus 20 points for the dress..whats with the bizarre drapes!! plus 5 for the shoes..they’re awesome. so all in all you’re still minus 5! so thumbs down

  4. She gets an A for changing it up and not wearing black AGAIN!
    But she gets an F for picking a hideous dress.

    C’mon woman — You’re SUSHMITA SEN!!


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