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  1. :) at | | Reply

    well really… these shoes aren’t that bad. simple looks are just gorgeous!

  2. Padma at | | Reply

    Oh come on, you girls, stop nitpicking…she was going for a very very simple, dressed down look.

  3. Dee at | | Reply

    I think she looks good. The slippers look nice and casual with the white salwar kameez. Definitely much better than the previous time that you have referenced above.

  4. Mick at | | Reply

    please tell me what is wrong vit those……….no offence bt i completely disagree……

    1. kasthuri at | | Reply

      i agree…I see nothing wrong with those slippers. Gals, stop expected heels all the time !
      She looks lovely !

  5. Su at | | Reply

    Sush looks wow! Big thumbs down for HHC for dissing this look, her sandals are fabulous! Get out of the nude heels rut y’all!

  6. Shweta at | | Reply

    I think there is nothing wrong with thong sandals when paired with desiwear…you can’t always be in stilettos!!

  7. debbie at | | Reply

    The sandals are very pretty and goes rather well with this simple look…she’s looking very nice!

  8. Sej at | | Reply

    She looks great – head to toe.

  9. monika at | | Reply

    I don’t find anything wrong with the footwear……these kinda sandals go well with salwaar kameez . She looks lovely here

  10. RS at | | Reply

    Doesn’t everyone in India wear chappals with salwar kameez? What is wrong with that? She looks fantastic. PnP, the bias against thong sandals is unfair, in this scenario.

  11. VR at | | Reply

    i just love the dupatta….. fab… & the thongs are so delicate & pretty…. she looks charming…

  12. PCritic at | | Reply

    How can that be wrong footwear, it is perfect for the outfit. Love the look, very unpretentious.

  13. Aarti at | | Reply

    Ehhh! Such pretty thongs… I see nothing wrong!

  14. Myla at | | Reply

    She looks beautiful and I see nothing wrong with her choice of footwear. What a happy woman she is and so refreshing from all the pouty girls who take themselves so seriously. This is one lady who knows how to dress her age.

  15. sonal at | | Reply


  16. dn at | | Reply

    Such a breathtaking woman. The footwear looks fine too.

  17. Shopaholic! at | | Reply

    WOW!! She is breathtakingly beautiful. Footwears are not that bad too. They kinda work.

  18. SxD at | | Reply

    Gorgeous lady!!! love her look from head to toe…perfect, comfy footwear for her outfit.
    P&P – sorry you are SO wrong this time!!!

  19. npm at | | Reply

    She looks perfect. Especially the shoes.

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