1. Oh dear God – I’m going to take the liberty to say this will definitely be one WTHeyy post we’ll all unanimously agree on.

  2. Thank u God for giving me siblings who continue to yell/scream/laugh/ridicule my outfits and thanks Ma for the full length mirror

  3. i was scrolling down, and was quite surprised as i thought she looked quite lovely and then i saw the shoes….!

    haa well the shoes do all the talking

  4. I loved the colour of the dress but she seems to be falling out of it or it just the fit? As if she really needs those shoes to get back into shape. Was almost ready to forgive her when read that this look was sported at an art exhibition. Well. what do I know.

  5. I think that dress, with a pair of strappy sandals (not the busy kinds) would have totally worked.
    The sneakers are the culprit here.

    But she does look adorable, knee up.

    (She was probably on her daily jog, and saw the art ex sign and came in! …is all I can explain)

  6. she looks a little embarassed about this i think :D
    as long as they see how badly dressed they are and what exactly is wrong about their appearance its okay..;D


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