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  1. Ahot at | | Reply

    Very on trend colors & fuss free. Maybe another hairstyle would have helped this go up in a dressed up category?

    Love how she is pulling a Lupita with her twirls. Cute! :D

  2. Moni Pal at | | Reply

    I like it only when Malaika swrils n twirls her flowing gowns!

  3. Sara at | | Reply

    I loved the fact that she kept it simple when everyone else was going so overwhelmed
    She looks nice young and fresh
    I love the coral lip against the dress !!
    She looked lively

  4. Ali at | | Reply

    The visible zipper at the back is a bit tacky and the color is a bit drab.

  5. Janine at | | Reply

    Priyanka Chopra owned the twirl at the Emmys. NEXT!

  6. Avani at | | Reply

    She looks fab. I like the lip color against the olive gown. In a sea of bling bling gowns and ott stupidities, her look is a breath of fresh air.

  7. KS at | | Reply

    There is nothing to NOT like..she is looking lovely.. Payal!!

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