Spotted a Sabyasachi sari on singer Sunitha at a recent awards, one which we’ve seen earlier this year on Vidya Balan.

Far Left: Sabyasachi Sari
Centre: Sunitha Upadrashta At Radio Mirchi Music Awards 2012
Far Right: Vidya Balan At Stardust Awards 2012

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani, Cinejosh


  1. ouch. If I’m paying 5 figures for a saree, I’d hate to see another celeb wearing it, before, with or after me. whatever happened to designer = exclusive?

  2. I think Sunitha wears this better. The drape is casual and easy as if she is at home in a sari.

    Ms Balan’s upper drape, the visible border at the hip and the pleats just make it all look rather ungainly?

  3. i like the way sunitha wears the sari. she looks more relaxed and carries it off in a easy going way. it looks too belaboured on vidya.

  4. Vidya wears it better, although I give her 0 points for originality these days. Simply donning the same designer every time does not count as personal style!


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