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  1. VeenaMoorthy at | | Reply

    i think the unidentified guest looks great .

  2. ruby at | | Reply

    What is one persons definition of earthiness is what anothers(me) would call dressing up like a Auntiji ! boring and so very dated

    1. kavya at | | Reply

      your definition of dressing up like an Auntiji….is someone who is covered up appropriately and still looks sensually beautiful ? ..hmm interesting :-/

    2. Ursla at | | Reply

      Please explain what is so boring and dated?
      Wearing a saree the way it should be worn, with no boob shows,
      Or wearing the hair the way Indians have known to wear with no blonde hair dye!
      Or wearing flowers in the hair instead of sone stupid headpiece just because some designer made it!
      Or wearing a plain old bindi,
      I would love to know and update myself!!!

      1. suchi at | | Reply

        right on! couldnt have said it better!

        1. DewDrops at | | Reply

          Sorry!! but I totally support Ruby who called this look boring on this lady. There is absolutely nothing boring abt wearing a saree or wearing your hair this way or wearing a bindi but the guest in the picture is not able to carry that look in a pretty sort of way. The blouse and saree are totally odd together.. I believe, this saree would have been otherwise nice but on her it looks like a check black n white table cloth or old bed sheet.

          Apart from that, its perhaps her makeup thats making her look very dull. I trust, she has gorgeous Olive skin and with the right make up and hair, cld have looked awesome but sorry, she is not able to shine in here. She does look very old and boring here and what some indians would categorize as “behenji” One can not describe that look but well if one could, then this would be just it..

          On the other hand, have u seen KIron Kher. She always wears saree, always wears her hair in a braid, always wears a Bindi and is infact slightly on the bigger side ( not exactly a model figure) and she looks absolutely stunning everytime she is clicked…

          So to answer your questions, Please dont Bash up @ poor Ruby. the Look is very boring on Ms. president of Balaji.

          1. kasthuri at |

            I too disagree with you and Ruby.
            I love her look… so simple, traditional, covered up in the impt places… Gorgeous !! Love the earrings, love the hair, love the gajra…love everything….

          2. Sandhya at |

            Totally disagree with both of you! And completely Ursula ( right on girl) I wear sarees regularly with my big bindi and flower.. its the most sensous outfit an indian woman can wear, without boob show or cleavage!

      2. Srilalitha at | | Reply

        Bingo… totally agree with you…time and again, it is proved that simple, traditional get up can do wonders at times…

      3. nair.malaika at | | Reply

        I would also love to know it. And these a mockery is being made of “Indian-ness “with those displays and exposures.

        Being Indian is Indian, whether boring or dated.
        there are some untold rules associated with it.

      4. dn at | | Reply

        Aye aye!

        Classic looks can never look dated.

        1. npm at | | Reply

          She looks perfectly gorgeous -glowy and fabulous and fashion-forward. Her look showcases the pride and confidence of young 21st century Indians.

    3. AM at | | Reply

      She needs to get a very tight bandage dress and an overpriced large bag. Then she will be right on trend.

      Like every other unimaginative “fashionista”.

      Am I wrong or is anything classically Indian here branded by some as boring and auntyji? If so, I am pronto starting an Auntyji brand and wearing it with pride!!! More seriously its sad that where I live 50s retro fashion is hot and back home its apparently Auntyji.

      1. DewDrops at | | Reply

        Some people, Have OBVIOUSLY, not read my comment properly.

        1. DewDrops at | | Reply

          and AM you are welcome to start the benenji brand and wear it with pride too. Just avoid Table cloths and bed sheets ;)

          1. AM at |

            Dewdrops no need to take it personally – I hadn’t read your comment when I made mine. However it is entirely true that boring people come along and make the same boring observation that X is an Auntyji because gosh gasp she has oily hair and wore a sari.

            As for table cloths and bedsheets – maybe you shouldn’t take advertising and labelling so literally. A lot of things are cut from the same cloth so to speak. Also Ms Scarlet O Hare did a fine job on dem curtains – no need to disdain them.

          2. AM at |

            Duh O’Hara of course!

    4. arpitha at | | Reply

      i infact think the opposite. she looks sexy to me even without any boob show etc.
      how simple & nice she looks…soothing to the eyes & a nice change from all the gowns etc.

  3. Nidi at | | Reply

    What a gorgeous dusky complexion!! Love the styling and simple makeup. Hey beauty shines through. Can some ID her ?

  4. DS at | | Reply

    The unidentified guest is Swati Shetty – President of Balaji Motion Pictures. She looks lovely!

    1. npm at | | Reply

      Brainy, chic, good-looking – truly the new young India at its best…

  5. wannabe at | | Reply

    Its nice that you picked someone who was genuinely looking nice ! good going!

  6. Ashlesha at | | Reply

    i am so bored of this sabyasachi uniform. everyone looks the same!

  7. The Mad Momma at | | Reply

    Swati Shetty looks stunning. I have been tiring of Sabya in the recent past but this looks awesome.
    Sunanda’s look is forgettable and Anjana looks very interesting. Nice.

  8. ruby at | | Reply

    you guys seem uncomfortable with sarees and “revealing blouses’ but look at her !! long braid pulled right in front to show off her back.So some show off covered boobs and here we have someone who wants to show off her back ..all the same skin show is skin show
    and really tired of the sabyasachi uniform too..nothing new ..anybody and I mean anyone an pull it off..wear the cottoish sarees get a long braid and some ‘traditional’earrings whats tough..

    1. fashion police at | | Reply

      didn’t realize it was supposed to be ‘tough’ :/

  9. SMV at | | Reply

    Anjana is wearing shahab durazi

  10. HAK at | | Reply

    I think Ms Shetty looks very pretty… she has a lovey face a gorgeous smile…. the hair, earing and the blouse too is nice; but i have to agree that the saree is not quiet there…. even the way its draped isnt really workin for me…
    That said i think she is very attractive..

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